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How To Live Your Best Spiritual Life Right Now..

By James Dazouloute --- A Spiritual Lifestyle is the very best thing you can live within, since you are a Spirit Being who is down here having a physical experience.

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   And that is the best thing to do for yourself and for the Creator God. So Why You Must Give Your Best To God while living a Spiritual Life? Well Beloved, that is because you of all people know exactly just how much God has done for you in your entire life. And even if there were no Religions in all the world, no one would have to come along to teach you about God and all his loving kindness toward you.

Why? Because all you would have to do is simply sit back ,and just take a look at life mysteries going on around you, for example: You and someone else are driving down the same highway, doing the same speed and in similar vehicles, yet out of nowhere a truck comes along and smash that person and their vehicle, missing you by a hair. So why not you but them? Or you have applied Online for a job, then you show up for the interview, and while in the Lobby, you run into some of the other applicants, and they start talking to you, and you find that they have way more College Degrees than you, and more experience in the field than you, as well more articulate, better looking and even better dress than you. Yet, after the interview you get that call offering you the job. Why You, and why not them? Because in any of those situations, God is giving You His best Favor, His best Blessing and best protection. So What About You?

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Well Beloved, just in case you're still not sure why, let me share with you 3 of the billions of reasons why you must Give God Your Best. And the first one is obvious: He Created You, Gave You Life, A Purpose and Destiny.

Now you may say like many others that you create your own destiny, or you make your own purpose... As if you can control what happens to you the next minute without a tree falling on you, or a stray bullet hitting you. And even with that, let us remember that God Created You, all your funny moods, your facial expressions, your unique quirky ways, and even your ability to live such a chaotic lifestyle. And I know that you might say your mother and father created you and gave you life, and that would be fine, but I would also ask you to go back in your enlightenment, way back to the very first couple of human beings that you and your parents descended from. Those first two, who created them, who breathe life into them, who made their body and mind so complex, who put the genes and chromosomes in them, who gave them vocal chords...? And really it's kind of like having your first fruit tree, or your first pair of cows, and now you have 1000 trees in your field, along with 2000 cows. Where did you get that first tree, or that first pair of cow and bull? So God Deserve The Best, Your Best.    

Another reason: God Forgives All Insults To Him, Then Saved You.

Now imagine with me Beloved, you give birth to your child as the vessel that God uses. And from the provisions that God made for you, and the ways He created for you to get wealth you provide for that child, you care for and protect your child, you miss days at work when your child is sick, you stay broke because that child wants every item shown on Television and Online, you move into neighborhoods that is far away from your family just because of the good schools they offer for that child, you have no sex life because this child takes up all your time and energy.... Now that same child reaches puberty, and now thinks that he or she knows everything in life, and decides to tell you one day: F. U., or I hate You, or I wish you had died while giving me birth, or even worst that child of yours slaps you and kicks you. How Would You Feel Beloved After All This?
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Now turn this around and imagine with me that as soon as Humanity passes puberty, they all think they know all about life and the universe, and so they mock God, they say there is no God, they say if God exists let Him smite them with lightning, they deny His son - their big brother, and they even say that they are their own God. Even though they are still living in His house, Planet Earth, and there is no other house in the neighborhood they can go to. And every food God gives to them though Mother Earth, they refuse to give thanks, every Guardian Angel God assigns to go with them everywhere they deny, and so and so on... Now to make matters worse, that same Loving Father God, not wanting to kill them like you would have done to your child, if he or she was doing to you all I mentioned above, Stepped down from His Godly Throne and mounted up on a Cross to die for them, to save them from sure death, and to hold back the Devil, their accuser, their adversary, and their murderer from sniffing them out. Now don't you see that The Best, Your Best Only Belongs To God?
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Remember, God Gives You Love And Protection No Matter What. Now you already know of your temper, and that you would never tolerate, even by one percent, if your child did any of these Evil and Abominations unto you. Yet God, He says that He is kind, Patient and Loving, and that you are also the apple of His Eyes. And so, when all other Creations like The Sun, The Devil, The Holy Angels, The Moon, The Stars, The Oceans, Mother Earth, The Powers, The Thrones, The Dominions.... are all crying out against you in the Highest Heavens for God to hurry His judgment, and they all even volunteer to use their powers to destroy you. For The Earth offers to open her mouth and swallow you whole, The Sun begs to be allowed to advance by just a few degrees forward to burn you up, The Moon asks if she can move forward as well by a few degrees and freezes you up, The Oceans ask if they can go beyond the shores, where God gave them their limit in the Book Of Job as to how far they can go, and drown you. And The Holy Angels Of Revelations plead with God to let them do now to you what is reserved in The Book Of Revelations, and The... and The... etc. All are forcing God's Hand. And Still, Loving God YHWH - Jesus Christ - Holy Spirit refuses for anything to happen to you, anything at all. Instead The Holy Trinity orders all of those beings to serve you in silence and behind the scenes, to deliver you even when you curse God, and to give and give and give to you. So Do I Need Another Argument To Beg You To Give God Your Best, The Best?....

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    Where is God? And who is God?

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    I love to pray to the Holy Spirit, not the gods

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    I need help from all the Holy Angels


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