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By James Dazouloute --- The Enemy, Is This The One You Don't Know?
And I have To show You Him or Her, because that Enemy of Yours have been hiding within every crevice, every nook and cranny, every bush, every shadow of the night.

And He/She has been growing stronger and stronger every minute, and with every let down, with every disaster, with all wrongs that have been done. Also, The Enemy who I am describing to You Beloved, has no pride and no prejudice. He or She has no problem killing anybody, nor does that Enemy ever think twice about making up Illusions and Deceptions of all sorts, to misdirect people, to gossip about others, to manipulate every situation by playing victim, and to plot on how to get even with anyone who looks at that person. And did I tell You that The Enemy is as evil as they come, because He or She will even take a favor and a gift, and turn around to claim that others have stolen from Him or Her. And this Enemy will not hesitate to influence somebody who is already angry at someone, to go and commit murder just to show that someone, who it is they are messing with. But, Alert!!! Alert!!! Alert!!! The Enemy, Yes That Powerful Enemy Is YOU.

Yes Beloved, It Is You that I Have been talking about and describing all along. You Know, The You who is always the victim in Love, the victim if a Promotion passes you by when you didn't even want to interview for it. Yes The Enemy is You who is never Lucky, You who just can never seem to catch a Break, Yes You who is always Sick while everyone else is healthy as a horse. And The Enemy is definitely your roommate, your best friend, your partner, and most definitely your twin. Because the two of you can never get enough of each other, because He or She loves to be negative and destructive about everything, and you just love to listen, to agree, to chime in, to even admire the same false views.

ALWAYS REMEMBER BELOVED!: The only true Troublemaker and Enemy is always staring right at You in the mirror.So The Enemy... The One That You Didn't Know. But Not Today, And Not Anymore Beloved, since today I am opening up your eyes about The Enemy whom you have been hanging out with, and who has been holding you back, and who has prayed to Mr. Depression to come down and come live with the two of you. So Right Now, you have to kick out The Enemy, you have to let that Other You - know that you had enough of playing victim, you had enough of never getting anything you set out to do accomplished, you no longer want to be a twin, you don't care anymore to have a best friend lives with you inside your mind.   

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And so you are letting The Enemy (You) Know that you are going to go at it alone, starting right this minute, you are going to get in touch with your Life Coach and begin to create new goals for your life, begin to start looking at a different picture, begin by finding encouragement as well as get the motivation that you need to succeed in all areas of life.

Because Starting Today, The Enemy has been put on notice, that You are claiming Your Destiny, You are entering within Your Purpose, You are going to find your way, You are taking Kingdom Authority over all that God has assigned to You. And You Are The Head And Not The Tail, And You Are Blessed Going Out And Coming In, You Are Blessed By Everything That You Touch.... Yes Beloved, Rise Up And Tell That Negative You , The Enemy, To Leave And Never Come Back...

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    This is great to help all of us grow

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    I love this site, because it's doing a lot of good

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    We need to grow and develop, and then we can stop killing

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    What is life? And how do we figure it out?