Must Read Books

Why You MUST READ BOOKS... Always

By James Dazouloute --- Why Must You Read Books Beloved?
Because Family Books, or Books that will help you and your family, are good for you to read. Also Because they will increase your understanding about life, about why you are here, about love, about passion, about greatness, about personal development, about kindness.. And so these are some of the few reasons why Books are a great read. And so you must not miss out under any circumstances, you must not fail to get your hands on any of these great books, you must never fail to learn from others experiences, so you could better yourself, thereby improving the life and happiness of your loved ones.

And believe it or not Beloved, Life does not hate You, the universe is not against you, romance is not your enemy, joy is itching to be within you... But first you must get all the knowledge you need, you must get your hands on all the keys from books that will unlock the doors of your heart, the doors of your mind, so you could be on your way to a New Perfect You. 

This is why you must read books ... SEE:

So Again, Why Must You Read Books?

Because you must become educated at all costs, since you of all people already know that Mistakes are very costly the older you get. Since it seems that when you were young, any grave stupid thing you did, was either quickly forgotten, forgiven, or fixed by someone for you. But, as you got older, then it seemed like every slight error you made at your job, in your love relationships, in your life and activities, then Life and People, along with The System, all gang up on you and do their very best to punish you for years to come, if not for life. So this is why You have to read books written by others, and learn from their knowledge, from their activities, from their experience and even from what they went through and the grave mistakes they have made. And especially "How To - Books", because they are the only true key to your success, because Fantasy Books (While very enjoyable), will only help you to stay in the Land Of Tomorrow, where nothing ever gets done.

So get your hands on any and all of the Books about life and many of its situations that are presented to you. And once you finish one, then sell that used book online, or give it away to your friends or your local thrift stores, so that someone else can be blessed and it be counted as a Crown for you in the Heavens. And don't forget that The universe is always keeping tabs on all you do, along with your Guardian Angel. And so while the good that you do to someone or for someone, he or she may never know, but I can guarantee you that the powers-that-be are watching. So don't miss your chance to start today to begin enjoying some Family Books, some great enjoyment, some amazing new knowledge, and some wonderful gifts of life. And really that is what Books are, they are gifts from the mind and the heart, from your fellow brothers and sisters who love you, and who want to share with you from their heart... So Get Some Of Those Books Today... Your Book Advocate...



  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Reading is fundamental

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    You have to read 1 book per month

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    Reading is always good if you're making money