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Why You Always Need Mother Earth
how to protect mother earth
By James Dazouloute --- Why Does Mother Earth Deserve Your Best?
Since Lately All You have witnessed and suffered from Mother Nature is her Fury. Besides,


don't The Scientists get up everyday to do what they can to understand Mother Earth, and so why should You not give The Best of yourself to Mother Earth? Well Beloved, You have to recognize that you are Mother Earth's Child because you were formed out of her, and everything that is on her insides is also inside you. Things like Iron, Copper, Worms, Minerals and even Oil. And without these things your body would deteriorate, and you would contract as many diseases available.

Also Beloved, ask Yourself: Where do the foods that you eat come from? The Supermarkets, Okay. But where do they get their foods from? Also the water you drink, where does it come from? The oil and gasoline in your car, in the airplanes you fly, where do they come from? The money in your hands, even the gold and silver that you wear as jewelry, where do they all come from? And the nice big house that you live in, where did all the materials come from to make your walls, your roof, your appliances, your kitchen counter, your furniture? Please tell me where, since The Astronauts who have been flying to the Moon, and have sent probes to Mars, all they have collected and brought back so far, are some soil samples, and a few rocks. So Are You Beginning To See Why Mother Earth Deserve The Best, Your Best?

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Yes, The Best that You have to offer should go toward Mother Earth, just like you must give your best to your Mother and Father who brought you into this world, and whose bodies were formed from Mother Earth all the way back to Adam. And whose bodies along with yours will return back to Mother Earth after your mission and purpose are finished. So this is why Mother Earth deserve The Best, Your Best, and even Your - Very - Best. Much more so than your Father and Mother even, because you parents will let you go on your own after you have been weaned and have reached adulthood, and then you are on your own and have to provide for yourself. But Mother Earth is The Grand Provider all your life, since everything you touch, everything you breathe, everything you consume, everything you drive, everywhere you go... Are all part of Mother Earth. And You can not create any of them out of thin air. 

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So, The Best... Why Does Mother Earth Deserve Your Best? Because she is all you've got, but she has billions and billions of you and growing. So in all reality Beloved, you need The Earth, and she doesn't really need you, because she existed long before you came along. BUT, you and your brothers and sisters, are all killing her daily with your Pollutions, with your uncaring, with your wrong Waste Disposals, with your Nuclear Reactors, with your chemtrails, with your Litter and dumping all your waste inside her stomach, and even with your forcing her to drink the blood of your brother after you have murdered him.

So start today, Give The Best that You have to give to Mother Earth, and begin to fight for Her in every area of life, begin to bring awareness to others who are uneducated by using this article for them to read, begin to fight the Big Corporations who just don't care and want to rip out the very guts of Your Dear Mother, The Earth... Your Earth Advocate...

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