Legal Rights

Why Your Legal Rights Are Important

By James Dazouloute --- Should You Do Your Best To Avoid Legal Troubles?
And depending on the type of day You're having, or the type of resources you have at your disposal, You may say: Heck No, or Most Definitely do The 

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 Best you can to avoid legal troubles. But I must caution You against both Beloved, because there are times that you must take a stand and Fight Legally, and other times you must Forgive and Forget. And today, I intend to share with You 4 great reasons why The Best thing to do the majority of the times is to forgive and hold a situation in your pocket as a note to fight another day, but always keep your legal rights protected.

The Best... Should You Do Your Best To Avoid Legal Troubles? The first reason why you should: Keep Your Peace Of Mind.
I can't tell you the effects a legal battle will have on your Psyche, and whether you are dealing with The Police who have just violated your civil rights, or you have a disrespectful Neighbor who has defamed your character, or maybe a Company who has not followed the rules of "equal employment opportunity" and discriminated against you. And even though you are quite right, and quite within your rights to defend yourself legally and to protect your God Given rights and Constitutional rights, you must use caution. Because many times you can easily win the battle, but lose the war... and in this case, you may lose your mind. Because when you are suing a large Corporation or a huge Entity, they have resources you don't, they have high priced Attorneys and you don't, they can hire many Experts and you can't, they can put you under surveillance to destroy your case and you don't have the money to do the same. And sometimes they can even buy Jurors that you can't even get in touch with, and all of those things will leave You troubled, sleepless, worrisome, and even with no appetite. So NO Peace Of Mind...

Second Reason: Your Pockets Are Affected.
Even if your Attorney takes your case on a Commission Basis, your pockets will still be affected.Because you will have to take off days from work or your business, you will have to use your gas to drive to and fro, you will have to spend money on the right clothing so you could give the Judge and Jury the rightly intended impression.. So even though you are right and you will win the case, you still have bills to pay, and you still may have some small court costs to pay, and not to forget that if your Psyche, as I mentioned above is affected, then you will have to spend money on high blood pressure medications, on stress pills, on migraine pills and even on Psychologists if you are the type or person who easily suffers from Nervous Breakdowns. So Count The Costs, And Do The Best You Can.

Even Now, Should You Do Your Best To Avoid Legal Troubles? I Still Say You Must - Every Chance You Get, and another reason why: Your Freedom Is Affected.
If you and your Attorney overlooked a particular aspect of the case, and you did violate a particular law, then your freedom to walk the streets and live your life will be affected by you going to jail. Or even if you win that huge case and have an enormous payout, then you have to deal with your freedom after that, since you will then have money and now others will want to harm you for it. And then you must also worry about threats being made against you, especially if you have exposed a bunch of Crooked Cops on a task force and now your freedom is affected, as you just can't go about your business without watching your back. Fight, But Always Do The Best You Can To Count The Costs...

4th. Reason Why: Your Reputation May Have Been Besmirched.
Whenever you go to Court Beloved, the other Attorney's job is to paint a picture of you that is quite deplorable, in order for them to show that you are wrong, you are manipulative, you are a fraud, you are a cheat and you are not to be trusted. And now if the News Media gets a hold of Courtroom dramas and print them, right or erroneous, you will have millions of people forming their opinions about you, and later on even if the Media prints a retraction, it will be on the last page and in small prints, and by then you will have been Besmirched, Slenderized, and Defamed For Life. Because people in the Courtroom and in the Public will only remember Negative Things About You, because they love to hate. So Again, Fight The Legal Battles, Never Let Your Rights Be Violated, But Before You Begin, Please, I Beg You, COUNT THE COSTS...


- 21 Reasons Why You Need A Bodyguard:

A Body-Guard is someone who is willing to guard your body from all sorts of harm that may come your way whether by natural or unnatural means. And that person is even willing to use their own body and their own life ,if need be, to be save you from harm. And that Bodyguard has 5 essential duties in protecting you, your loved ones along with all your assets, and they are: Perform advance inspection, plan ahead, prepare for anything that comes up, observe any and all risks, and keep you - your loved ones - your assets secure at all times and at all costs.

When your Bodyguard is doing an advance inspection, he or she - or they will inspect any and all areas for dangers before allowing you to show up on the scene. And all things and beings are supposed to be checked using any and all means necessary, electronic and physical.

2nd, your Bodyguard (s) is supposed to plan ahead, meaning they are supposed to check all the people you are about to have contacts with. Also they must understand fully how to do a threat assessment to see if you will be in any kind of danger dealing with anyone or anything at a particular location. And so your bodyguard (S) must do reconnaissance and gather intelligence about where you are about to go and the people you are about to meet. 

21 Reasons you need a bodyguard... SEE

3rd. Your Bodyguard (S) must be ready for anything. And so they must live by the motto: If anything can go wrong, it will.. All because Life is always full of surprises, as well people will always do things that are unexpected. And so your Bodyguard (s) must always leave room in their planning to meet the challenges of "What If's"...

4th. Your Bodyguard (S) must be constantly looking for anything or anyone that may harm you and your loved ones under their protection. And so they must constantly be on the lookout for anything and anyone that seems out of place, since they must be proactive in preventing harm from coming your way.

5th essential duty of a Bodyguard: He or she must be a security guard, a police officer, an F.B.I. Agent, a Recon Special Forces, a Clairvoyant, a mind reader and a protector of life at all times. Yes Beloved, he or she must wear all these hats at all times if you are to be fully protected from harm, from crimes, from malice, from attacks, from stalking, from hate, from terrorists, from grand theft of your assets etc... Because there are so many things and people that can harm you for no apparent reasons, that your Bodyguard (S) must foresee them and be ready to meet and then remove any and all threats at all times.

Do you need a bodyguard? - 21 Reasons Why You Need A Bodyguard:

1. If you are famous for something great or very bad, legal or illegal

2. If you witnessed or had been involved in a large crime or scandal

3. If you handle or transport large amounts of money or valuable things,

4. If you are traveling outside of the country, or going to a high-dollar business meeting.

5. If you are involved in domestic disputes/violence

6. Worried about possible terrorist attacks at a public gathering

7. Stalking by an Ex-Lover.

8. Escort for Holiday Shopping.

9. Going through a bad Divorce

10. Bullying of your kids.

11. You just won the local lottery

12. If you've just been victimized through a robbery or carjacking.  

21  Reasons you need a bodyguard.. SEE

13. When your kids are going Trick-or-Treating on Halloween.

14. When your teenage kids are going to The Prom

15. When you are going on Vacation in another country where Kidnapping of Tourists are common.

16. If you have a fear of Road Rage from other Drivers while driving.

17. If you need protection from disgruntled employees.

18. If someone made a Death Threat against you.

19. Any types of Gathering at your home or in public

20. When you want your body and your assets protected

21. If you have any physical concern that cause you to suffer Anxiety

And there are many more reasons why you need a Bodyguard in your life, especially since you live in a country that gives plenty of Freedom to you and everyone else. And with Freedom comes malice, crimes and hate by those who who think only their needs, their views, and their rights ought to be the law of the land, and you and your loved ones are always in their sight to harm. So stay ready, and you'll never have to get ready, but if you can't, then hire a Bodyguard to help you.


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