Disaster Survival

How To Survive Any And All Disasters

By James Dazouloute --- How To Survive Anything... Using One Rule:

Know this truth Beloved! Death can not, again, Death cannot come for - nor take any person with great purpose in their heart. And so when you hear about

How to survive any disaster... SEE:
great miraculous stories and how someone survived a great fall, a bad accident or even being shot to the head, know that this person was not ready to submit to Death on that day, and so Death had no power over that person at that disastrous moment. And So You Must Survive Anything That Comes Your Way, Because you were not sent here to just go crawl up into a corner and die, or just to be living in fear your whole life about what might happen next. Because You are the holder and creator of your destiny, so it is up to you to always survive any situation that you are confronted with. And believe me when I tell You Beloved, that God The Creator, does not want you to be weak, incapable of doing anything for yourself. Nor does He want you to be the victim to all situations, to all disasters, to all events, and to all aspects of life. No, You are expected to find a way to live life, you are supposed to adapt and overcome any and all situation.

So for How To Survive Anything: Know That All Situations Are Opportunities.
And I say Situation, and not Disaster, to You. Because what you call a Disaster is not a disaster for somebody else, so you have to be clear what something is before you can call it that. Kind of like "Money, or Water", everyone calls them the same exact thing, because they are just that to everybody. But when it comes to Disasters, if they are not called the same by everyone, then you must see them as Situations that are there, and as Opportunities.  
How To Survive Any And All Disasters

When I say Opportunities, it is because God, His Universe, and Life in general are all your friends, and never your enemies. They all are working in unison to bring all good things to you. And to understand what they are trying to do for you, it is just like when you are trying to make an omelet, you have 3 beautiful perfect white egg yolks, just sitting there inside their perfect outer shells, and not bothering anybody. But once you start breaking them apart, which you have to, to make the perfect omelet. And at that point, anyone can look at those eggs being broken, if they don't know they ultimate plan, to them it will be a Great Disaster, and one after another. 

How To Survive Any And All Disasters

But to You who sees, knows and understands that there is a Greater and Ultimate Plan (The Omelet),then the breaking of each egg is just an opportunity, and a step in the right direction toward you having all that you want. And so it is with each situation or event that is happening in your life. And this is why You Must, must look at each situation, event or delusion called Disaster, as an opportunity for Blessings coming your way, as a step in the right direction toward your Success, also a page sent to You in order that You may learn and Grow on Your way to Your Destiny... Your Survival Advocate... 

How to survive any disaster.... SEE:

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    We all should prepare more for Disasters

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    Hurricane Andrew destroyed Miami in 95

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