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How To Have Romance And Love Right Now
By James Dazouloute --- When it comes to Romance and Love Relationships, I have to ask You Beloved: Do You Really Have To Be The Best Lover In The World For You To Have Perfect Romance?

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   Because I see that you have been so busy pushing up your plans and ideas of perfect love to each person who says to you "I Love You", and on top of that you are relentless after each lover because you seem to think that each one is The One. Also, you have a Fantasy World that you have been living in since you were 7 years old, and started playing Make-Belief husband and wife, and now as an adult you have your Fantasy Love. And when you are with someone, you are already planning in your head, in your heart and life, just how this love is going to be. Because You have to be the deciding factor, you have to make Love your puppet, as well you have to drive that person you are with right now to be crazy about you, also the last person you were with, and the one before that, and the one... So this is why I asked You: The Best... Do You Really Have To Be The Best Lover, And Have The Best Lover In The World To Have Perfect Romance? 
How To Have Romance And Love Right Now

Now to be fair to You, I know that you are a Romantic At Heart, and for you Love is not just an emotion to be felt and a relationship to be had, for you Love is the quintessential ingredient that makes life worth living. Also for you, if you are not in love, then you are just drifting, because Love gives you purpose, Love makes you want to come home, Love helps you to exercise, Love makes you dress up, Love put you in the mood to be naughty, Love is the reason that you get up and go to work, so you can show your appreciation to your lover with a nice gift. And then there is God who is always encouraging you along, by telling you that His whole Universe was created out of Love. Also He loves Mankind so much that He had to get down from His Throne, and come get up on that Cross in order to save His favorite Creation, Man. And so you and God are on the same page when it comes to love and being The Best, except, you don't have the resources that God has, you don't have Eternity to wait for someone to fall in love with you, nor do you have the Powers Of God to close certain doors in life to force that other person to turn toward you and submit to you will.   

How To Have Romance And Love Right Now

So, The Best... Do You Really Have To Be The Best Lover after I have explained all this to you? Because the people who have come into your life, all have their own path to follow, and their own soulmate whom they are destined for. And so with you, they are just practicing Love, and just having a little bit of fun. And let's not forget that many of the people you have met on your love journey had their own set of problems with: Telling the truth, with drinking, with smoking, with not being as serious as you are, with not even loving to be in love like you do. And so you are always banging your head against the wall in trying to be The Best Lover in that person's life, even though he or she was not on the same page with you. And not to forget that you are a funny kind of person, the people who have loved you deeply, you did not care anything for them. And the ones who just wanted to have a little bit of fun, well they were the ones you fell for the hardest. So maybe it was because the former was trying too hard, and the latter just didn't care that much, and that accidentally caused them to make all the right moves without pressuring you, and then you fell.

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And by now you are starting to realize the great dilemma that you are facing. As well the stubborn ways that your heart just wants to do what it wants to do. And so what you have to do from now one is to start accepting each person for who they are, also allow them to show you their true self for at least 3 weeks before you get involved with them. Meaning, spend as much time with them as possible and get them to talk, and get them to go every place with you, because after a week of seeing you for 40 hours, All Niceties will go out of the window. Kind of like those Reality Shows when they put 8 people in the same room, and every person can be nice for a day or two, but soon after, The Monsters come out, and only the truly nice ones remain. 

How To Have Romance And Love Right Now

So Yes, You can be The Best, You should be The Best in all that you, and You should do Your Very Best in all that you undertake, and even if the people don't respond to you right now, Believe Me when I tell You that you will be the light in their lives, the one who they will remember for a long time. So Do You, World Greatest Lover.... 

Your Love Advocate 
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