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How To Have Money, No Matter What

By James Dazouloute --- About Money And Being The Best... Do You Need To Do Your Best To Make Money In Your Business? And when I say Business, I mean anything that You   are involved in, whether it is your job that is your business, or your hobby that relaxes you, or your actual business Online, also your Brick And Mortar Business, and 

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even your business of helping others Spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. After all, The Ox that is treading is allowed to graze, so don't ever let The Hypocrites of the world make you feel like that everything you do ought to be completely for Free. Because if you listen to them you will become Homeless ( And they are charging their Boss for everything, and even their neighbors for watching their houses), you will have poor nutrition, you will be walking with holes in your shoes, and you will not have access to higher education and to pay for it. And even The Christ and all the other Gurus, all had very wealthy followers who provided for all their needs with lavish gifts. And Of Course, you should always have a Heart Of Servitude and of Helping people, for this is why you have a business, and so you must always do The Best you can for these 2 things to be accomplished first, and then in the rear you get money. 


And if you let The Hypocrites get to you, then you will never accept any kind of payment for The Best Of Anything you do. And then you will not have anything to leave behind to your family and to your generational bloodline. And so The Best, is what you should always strive to do, and so The Best of Yourself is what you must always put out there, and so The Best Business Model is what you should execute, and so The Very Best Help is what you should provide to the ones in need. After all, the whole idea of Business is: See A Need, Fill A Need. So whether you have a business Online and somebody needs knowledge, like the need for this Article, then you fill it first, afterward you show them how they can be even more helped with a book that fully Enlightens them. Or if you have a Clothing Store, You do The Best You can to show the people the kind of clothing that will satisfy their needs to look great, to stay cool in The Summer, to fight the cold of Winter, to be the life of any party, to go to that function being the best clothed person there. SEE A Need, Fill A Need... And along the way get paid for it.


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So Do You Need To Do Your Best To Make Money? 

Of course you have to, because whatever Energy you're displaying is what people will read. No one is just going to walk up and hands you a bunch money over and over, you might get a couple of dollars if you're Homeless, but that's it. So Do The Best, and provide The Very Best of Your Business, and make it transparent so that others can see that you are providing Quality and The Best. Also, don't worry about Perfection, all you need to focus on is providing The Best for today, all you need is to do The Best You Can today, all you have to do is make Your Customer feels like he or she is your best client. All because Perfection is always a Ladder of quality, meaning it goes all the way up to Heaven, and so everyday you have to keep on climbing that ladder of Perfection. So do The Best Today, and tomorrow do That Best, and the next day That Other Best, and so on.

The Best... Do You Need To Do Your Best To Make Money? Yes Fellow Money Getter, you must do The Best Everyday to Make Money in what you are providing. And whether it is dog sitting, or dry cleaning, or grass cutting, or writing books, or gossip news, or new inventions, or fashion tips, or money management... It doesn't matter, because for people to hand you Money, You have to give them Your Best, and they have to see that The Best is within you and in the product that you are presenting. So your energy, your enthusiasm, your electrifying personality, your passion are 90 Percent of The Best and of Making Money, and 10 Percent is the actual product. After all, think about all the crappy movies, the crappy songs, bad books, wicked promotions that so many are getting money from. It is all because of their fiery passion, because of doing The Best presentation they can, because of perfecting their presentation and product every day.... So Today, Do The Best You Can so You can Make Money... 

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