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How To Always Help The Animals

By James Dazouloute --- What Is The Best Life To Give To The Animals In Your Life? Because you are already aware just what the animals that you have do for you, your heart, your self-esteem, your well 

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 being, your stresses, and even for the positive energies that you are so badly in need of. But what about them, and for their unconditional love what do you give to them that is considered The Best? And another way to look at it is, If They Passed A Law That Animal Lovers And Protectors Would Be Arrested, Judged And Then Shot... Would they have enough to convict you in the ways that you treat the animals in your life, and in the whole world for that matter? Well Beloved, I do hope that they do find you guilty in that you love your animals so profoundly, and I do hope that they would want to shoot you for protecting the animals so much, like you protect your very own Pupils. Because they do need The Best from You so much, they do need The Best food from you, the animals do need The Best home from you.

Because when you moved the animals into your home and your life, you automatically took upon the task of becoming their mother and father. Also you inadvertently decided to be the great provider for one and all their needs. And so today I am calling you out on these decisions, and so today I am holding you truly responsible for the welfare and well being of the animals in your life. Because I already know that You have it in you, I am already aware that You are the very Benefactor that the Animal Kingdom has been looking for since Father Adam has abandoned them, by falling into Sin. And now as the banished son or daughter of Adam, and as the very bloodline of The Great Nominator Adam, it is now up to you to step into the great void, and begin to provide The Best care and protection, along with The Best Life for the animals in your life and in the world... 
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So What Is The Best Life To Give To The Animals? 

Well Beloved, It Is Freedom. Yes, Freedom. The Animals were given The Earth to share with Mankind, as well it was assigned to Man to name and care for the animals, but he has abandoned his duties. So now you must step in and take over, and you must once again do The Best Thing For The Animals and give them their Freedom back. And if they are your pets at home, you must give them The Best Freedom in allowing them to run around, to explore, to climb, to play, to chew on things, to sleep...

And then The Next Best Thing to do is to let the animals in your life be themselves.
Meaning, allow The Dog to be a dog and bark when danger is present, allow The Cat to scratch and explore and hunt. Also allow the bird to fly in your backyard with a net over that area, allow The Cow to graze, allow The Rooster To make its call early in the morning, allow The Fish to swim freely in a huge tank or in a bathtub. Yes Beloved, The Best Life To Give To The Animals In Your Life Is To Give Them The Freedom To Just Be As God Intended... Your Animal Advocate..


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