Why You Must Not Give In To Plastic Surgery

By James Dazouloute ---- Plastic surgery is all the rage these days, first in Hollywood and  now because of the influence of all the actors and actresses
Why You Must Not Give In To Plastic Surgery

 along with the media, the whole world has fallen prey to this mental sickness, where human beings all feel that they are not good enough, or the way God made them through their family's genes is not up to par, or they don't feel good enough about themselves so they have to cause harm to themselves. But when will it end? And how many Stars must die from drug overdose, from suicide because of low self-esteem, and how many people must disfigure themselves so willingly in order to feel beautiful because of what their handlers tell them? 
Why You Must Not Give In To Plastic Surgery

Well my friend, whichever way you feel about plastic surgery, you have to see there is something wrong with the big picture. And if you don't, I bet you all the plastic surgeons are laughing their heads off all the way to the bank. Since every single day of the year, they get plenty of requests from insecure people to cut them up for thousands of dollars that they have barely earned? And that's why you see so many deformed and disfigured individuals who look so much worst than before plastic surgery, and the Surgeons don't care how they rip their faces, because if anything, the worst they look afterward then the more they'll come back for more plastic surgery. 
Why You Must Not Give In To Plastic Surgery

And what about you my friend? Will you also succumb to the latest fad of self-disfigurement, of self-hate, of disrespecting the gods who had said "Let us make man in our image"? And will you become a cutter as well and keep harming your face, your breasts, your butt, your stomach and every other body part that the media and the movie industry have conditioned you to hate about yourself, to find yourself ugly and to even despise yourself?  
Why You Must Not Give In To Plastic Surgery

And so I beg of you to please love yourself, love your face, love your bone structure, love your heart, love your mind, love your smile, love your eyes etc.. Because by doing so you will be building up your self esteem, you will also be honoring your mother and father, your grandmother and grandfather and the rest of your ancestors who willingly and gladly passed down their genes to you and wanted to give you life, wanted to bring you into this world to have wonderful experiences. Your Greatest Admirer Just The Way You Are...

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