8 Types Of Mulches From Mother Earth

By James Dazouloute --- How To Plant, and make any tree, flower or vegetable grow, seems to be a nightmare for the majority of the people in the world. And really it is encoded in our DNA to be farmers, 
8 Types Of Mulches From Mother Earth
 planters and gardeners, since we were created to tend God's Garden in Paradise up in the third Heaven, for that is where He would come down in the evening and have Communion with our Earthly Father Adam. And then came the fall from disobedience, then The Earth refused to yield to us, or obey us, or even give back anything to us without making humans toil for it. So now you have to do what you have to do to make your garden grow, to help your plants catch a second wind, and to let your vegetable have a chance of growing strong in order to feed you. So you will want to keep you soil fertile, and mulches can control weeds, conserve moisture, and they can add nutrients as well reduce the need for you to fertilize. So check out these 8 different types of organic mulches and see what they can do for you: 
8 Types Of Mulches From Mother Earth

How to plant, first type of organic mulch: Wood Chips.
When your neighbors are cutting down their overgrown trees, and using a mulcher so they can break down those branches, then this is your gold mine. So get your hands on as much wood chips as you can, and spread them on your flower beds, and the borders of your shrub. And the longer you let them sit, the better they will work for you. But be careful using them around your vegetable beds, because they can take away the nitrogen in the soil.

Second type of organic mulch to protect the earth: Straw Mulch.
You can get them in bales, and spread them thick around your vegetables and fruit trees. And you can use them as well for perennial flowers and roses.

For Green Thumbs and grow your plants: Use Pine Needles Mulch.
If you live in the South, then you will find plenty of pine trees, and they shed an abundance of pine needles, or you can buy them. But either way, they give you long lasting mulch anytime during the growing season. And for Winter you can also use them, but beware they can be a little acidic as they break down.

Fourth type of organic mulch: Newspaper Mulch.
You can spread them, or you can mulch them. They will keep the soil moist, also prevent light from penetrating weed seeds to germinate.  
8 Types Of Mulches From Mother Earth

Fifth type of organic mulch for how to plant: Leaves Mulch.
You can chop them or shred them, and just apply them liberally. But you will have to add them more often to suppress weeds.

Sixth Type of Organic Mulch to use: Grass Clippings Mulch.
Apply them as thick as you can after you cut your grass, and they too break down quickly, so just keep an eye on them.

Seventh type of mulch to use that is good for the environment: Compost Mulch.
That is usually a mixture of decomposed organic materials, and it is a slow-release organic fertilizer, also you can use them as early as April gets here.

How to plant, eights type of organic mulch: Bark Mulch.
They come in a variety of colors, and they last long. But they can be a little expensive if you have to buy them, and they are great for perennial gardens and ground cover plantings. And you can either use shredded bark or bark chunks, but just apply it thick. 
8 Types Of Mulches From Mother Earth



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