5 Things Google Adsense Will Ban You For

By James Dazouloute --- When it comes to making money on your website or blog, no other avenue will make you more quick money than Google Adsense. 
5 Things Google Adsense Will Ban You For
  Why? Because Google loves all kinds of websites and blogs that are active, that are family and business oriented, that have a lot of contents. And so if you have all those on your sites/blogs, then I guarantee you that you will make money with Google Adsense. And it really doesn't matter if you are a fairly new site or and old one, nor does it matter if you have 20,000 visitors per day or 200, as long as they are real traffic and you have the things above, Google wants to do business with you. Now of course you want to reach for the 20,000 unique visits per day, because the more unique users who visit your blog, the more likely they will click on Ads on your site/blog and go check out a service or product. And I also must tell you that Google will never rob you like many of those other advertising warehouses that rob you at the end of the month when it's time to pay you, and that's when they start to tell you that this click or that click don't count, even though those were unique visitors that came from the search engines. And so with Google you can make money as an affiliate using Google Adsense, but there are 5 things that Google Adsense is big on, and they will automatically ban you for life if you do them. And that's understandable, because Advertisers are spending anywhere from 10 Cents to $600.00 per click, again per click, and that doesn't matter if the visitor buys a service or product or not. And what if that were You as the Advertiser, would you want someone to keep on clicking on your Ads just to get your money? Of Course Not. So let's see.. 
5 Things Google Adsense Will Ban You For

1. Do Not Click On Your Own Ad.
This a big no no, because that would be fraudulent, and you wouldn't want somebody else  to cheat you. So don't click on the ads that are on your site or blog, and don't be tempted because you are not making any money at the beginning, because as long as you are getting good traffic, people are going to click on your ads. And remember, there are people or webmasters who are making 10 to $20,000 per month, so don't you worry you will soon get there, just focus on getting traffic. 

2. Do Not Ask Others To Click On Ads
Also another big one, do not ask your friends and family members to click on your ads for you so you could make money. Again, they are not planning to buy any services or products on the Advertisers sites or blogs, and as I have said before you wouldn't want somebody else to cheat you. So don't get banned for something silly as that, because you are on the Internet to make money for life, not for a week or two. And Google have great software that will recognize that and quickly ban you for life. 

3. Do Not Buy "Pay To Click" Traffic
You have a lot of websites that have people working for them, for pennies per hour, but they are still working for that amount. And their job, once you buy, let's say 50,000 visitors to come to you site or blog, their job will be to click on things on your site for 10 to 30 seconds a pop. And you don't want those either, because again, they have no intentions of buying anything. And that is not fair to the Advertisers who are paying you and Google thousands of dollars per day. And know this, Google is the God of the Internet and so they have super amazing software that tracks and detects all kinds of things, so they will know that this is what you are doing. 
5 Things Google Adsense Will Ban You For

4. Do Not Add More Than 3 Ads On Your Site
You never want to be greedy in anything you are doing. So just remember in doing business Online and Offline, you always want to provide Big Value to your customers. And so on your site or blog, you want to provide information, information and information to them about what they are about to buy from you, whether a service or product. So this is why you don't want your site or blog to be known as an Ad Farm, where that is all you are promoting with little value. So for your own good, just put a nice add right above the information you are about to give, another on the side so they can see it as they are scrolling down the information, and a third large add at the very bottom of the information. Because you see, Google will produce Ads, 100% of the time, based upon the information you are providing. So if you are talking about motorcycles, then Google will provide Ads that are motorcycle related, convincing the visitor to click on Ads that are related, since they are already reading about that information. 

5. Don't Buy Too Much Fake Traffic To Get Your Numbers Up.
Another important thing you must know, Google is so great to you, that not only will they pay you for each click (68% to you and 32% for them from the client's money), but they will also pay you CPM or per 1000 impressions or 1000 views. And that is 2 ways to make money. But don't buy a bunch of cheap traffic every week, just so you could get about 50 Cents for every 1000 visitors, because Google will know and they will ban you. Because they are charging the client for every thousand times that their own ad is shown and that's whether or not someone clicks on them or not, or buys something or not. So Please Be Fair, and you will make plenty of money with Google Adsense. Just Focus On Getting Traffic using social media, using SEO techniques and using advertising Online and Offline. So once again, I give a thumbs up to Google Adsense and I recommend them to You for all they do to make all of us money. 
5 Things Google Adsense Will Ban You For



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