Best Reasons To Write Checks Now

By James Dazouloute --- First Of All, You Should Never Trust Anyone--- Know this Beloved when you are dealing with anyone and everyone, just remember you do not really know them. 
Best Reasons To Write Checks Now... SEE:
  And that goes even for every one of your family members. Why? Because human beings, at anytime can change their mind, or they may even lose it. And in which case, they can do some things that are totally unexpected. And so because of that, they can lie in an instant, they can deny facts and they can even try to murder you. So this is why when you are dealing with any human being and doing any financial dealings, then you must write out a check to them. 

Checks Help You To Keep Records
And whenever you are doing business of any type, you must keep records. Because this is the first step in having and running a successful business, since you can keep track of what happened on particular moments, particular days and particular year. Especially when you have written out many checks over the years to so many people and so many businesses, who later on can claim that you still owe them a lot of money. And by you keeping records in your checkbook, then you can easily flip the pages and show them that you have paid them. End Of Argument. 
Best Reasons To Write Checks Now... SEE:

Checks give you a sense of Professionalism 
They always say in whatever you are doing, you must look the part, walk the part and be the part. So that way anyone who comes in contact with you, can right away see that you are a business person, a professional and a person to be trusted to do business with. So that is why you have to have some professional checks so you can write them out in your business dealings. And when you do what professionals do, when you act like professionals do and when you write out checks like professionals do, then you will have a  great sense of professionalism. 

Checks give you an amazing feeling when writing one out to your loved ones
Everybody need money, and when you are the one who is giving it to them, then you are automatically the Hero, you are instantly loved and you are easily the best giver of all time. So this is why when it comes to your loved ones, who already love you anyway, you must write out checks to them. Because first they feel so proud and are so happy, but second this is to help you later on when they, as human beings, turn against you and forget all that you have done for them, and this is when you can always remind them that you have been there, you have always been giving and you are always helping them out, and this is why you must write checks to your loved ones instead of giving them plain cash. 
Best Reasons To Write Checks Now... SEE:

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