3 Home Health Tests To Help You Live An Awesome Life

By James Dazouloute --- Your health is the most important gift you have in your life. Don't Believe Me? Well just think about how amazing your health is the next time you have the flu and you end up in bed for 3 days while your  
3 Home Health Tests To Help You Live An Awesome Life

 entire body aches and no one wants to be around you, for fear of being infected by your germs. Or think about your health, the next time you have sex with a complete stranger because you got drunk, and after 3 days your body is infected with something and your private parts are showing signs of pestilence, you will quickly start to think about your health. Or the next time you go to your Doctor for a routine physical and he or she tells you that  you have Cancer or that you have 6 months to live, then all of a sudden you will instantly realize that all the money in the world you were running after do not matter, all the silly arguments you were having with family or acquaintance no longer mean anything, all the times you have spent on Social Media gossiping - no longer mean squat. And my friend, these are just small reasons for you to begin to realize just how important your health is. And so this is why today I am sharing with You these 3 Home Health Tests To Help You Live An Awesome Life:

1. Stand Up And Balance Yourself One 1 Leg For 60 Seconds:

It has been show in a Japanese study (See Here, If You Like) that around 30 Percent of grown ups can not stand on one foot and stay balanced for these 60 Seconds. And that was because these people had microbleeds in the brain. And  you already know if anything starts to leak in the brain, then you have major problems. Also when you are bleeding in a microscopic way inside the brain, which Doctors say can only be detected through an MRI, then my friend you are at risk for Strokes or Dementia. And that research has shown that if you can't stand up on 1 leg and balance yourself for 1 Minute, then your memory can start to suffer along with your decision making, and that will only get worse as times go by   
3 Home Health Tests To Help You Live An Awesome Life

2. Try To Go From Lying Down To Standing Up Immediately:

If you have any form of Iron Deficiency within you, it will be revealed to you right away with this test. Because dizziness upon standing up, that keeps happening to you, is the first sign that your good health is leaving you Beloved. Because if it happens frequently, it could be a signs of anemia, as well as low blood pressure, dehydration, or other conditions.  Because when you are changing position, like getting up out of bed fast, like when you're running late for work, that will involve many systems in the body like the heart, brain, nervous system, inner ear, and many other systems. 

3. Check Yourself At Home For Early Signs Of Diabetes:

One of the easiest ways to know if you suffer from early symptoms of becoming a Diabetic is to check to see if you have nerve damage. And numbness in your feet could be a condition called Diabetic Neuropathy. And so one of the easy way to do this at home is to have a loved one take a pencil and touch your big toes with it very lightly, using either the tip or the eraser. Again very lightly, and you should feel it. But if you don't then you should schedule an appointment with your Medical Doctor   

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