Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

By James Dazouloute --- I took a breath just now as I begin to write, and it is only because of you my sweet love, for you are my reason to go on and
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

 to keep on going. Yes my amazing and wonderful everything, you are my reason to get up and to lay back down each day, since you always give to me the very best of your thoughts, the most excellent of your love and the very best of gentleness and care that any human can possibly receive. And for these simple, yet emotionally perplexed reasons, I do everything for you and always for you.

Oh my angel, how I dream nightly of our love, how my passion leaves me more thirsty no matter how many thousand of nights you are in my arms!!!

Oh my amazing romantic delicacy, how I look forward to keep rediscovering my piece of heaven each time my lips touch yours. 

Oh perfect sweetheart for my heart, How I give all my thoughts-energy to you while fantasizing about cuddling with you, about watching over you, about making love with you endlessly, about taking long romantic drives with you, about kissing your hands - feet - hair - and forbidden parts.  

Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Oh my joy to live, how I make money each day, only to look forward in taking care of all your needs, and hopefully someday to be able to take care of all your wants as well. Oh yes, all my will and energy go toward working hard because there is you in my life, only the precious Jewel of heaven who was given to me by the gods as the love-gift of eternity, just so I can do every little thing for you and only for you forever.

Oh me!!! I have no personal life, except the awesome love that I share with you mentally, always staying connected with you every second. For every little thing I do, I do so by talking, laughing and planning with you inside my head so that we can conquer the world together, Blood-in /  Blood-out.

Oh my love, just a reminder that every fiber of my body belong to you and only respond to your touch, for you have conditioned my body to be aroused, and then to be satisfied by only You. For you are, and always will be, my everything that I do everything for.

So yes, everything I do, they are always for you because there is no me without you, there is no orgasm allowed in my body without your perfect touch, there is no happiness inside and on my face without your soft kisses that reassure me that I am safe with you. And there is no reason to live life if you are away from me and not within touching distance. All because you are my every little thing that I have to do, always.    
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Oh where can there ever be another love like you in all the universes, in all the underverses and in all the multiverses? For you are the very best and most perfect person who was created just for me, who understands all my needs instantly and who can satisfy me fully no matter how many times of the day I need your care, your protection, your honesty, your passion, your devotion and your always giving heart. Yes my love, no one like you anywhere, since you are only made to fit me perfectly.

And so I gladly let all the beings in all the galaxies know that you are the love of my life, that you are the energy who carries me, you are the angel who blankets me, that you are the blood within the walls of my heart and that you are the love that rolls me out of bed daily. And so in gratitude for all that you do for me my love, I remind you that everything I do, they are all done for you and will always be for you. And You, Always For Me.....   
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Remember To Share Your Heart And Sentiments, Always With People You Love Beloved, Because Their Time With You Is Very Short. 

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  1. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Great, Forever Song. Will Always Be A classic. Thanks for sharing this. Vishnu

  2. Anonymous12:12 AM

    This is a great Getting Married Song, or a Happy Birthday song, or celebration of an Anniversary. Great posting james. Dr. Amanillo

  3. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Love is funny, love is kind, and love has to be expressed. Great love poem. thegodfather

  4. Anonymous12:15 AM

    love songs are always better than gangster music or dark rocknroll songs. Alberta


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