Oh What A Day! A Poem About Life

By James Dazouloute --- What A Day! For ever since this morning began, I have been contemplating writing a poem about life, because 
Having a bad day poem

I was tempted to end it all. And I know that I am here to do greater and greater things, but just when I was about to step out of bed, the City siren sounded off, and this F5 tornado was coming in, and believe me it was angry. So my house got completely destroyed, all the way down to the very basement where I was crouching under the kitchen table. Oh what a day, and what a disaster! For now I am lost and without purpose...

Oh Me! Will my help come from The Lord as stated in The Holy Scriptures? Or will my deliverance be denied, and Death will overtake me today? For this F5 Tornado was just the beginning, because it churned up the huge local river, and the greatest flood in my neighborhood just took place. And now what the F5 Tornado did not destroy, the Flood wiped out completely. Oh Brother, Did I tell you that my 2 dogs got swept away in the heavy water and destructive debris as well? And my little kids got swept up from me by the Spirit Tornado, and the Demon Flood filled their lungs with water completely... And so now I am left Desolate, I am left in solitude, I am left in Despair, I am left in Confusion and I am left in my own Private Hell.... Won't You help me, Family? For You are my Keeper. What A Day....! 

Poem about having a bad day

A poem about life is what I have to write, for within the hour all that were given to me have now been taken away from me. Since my cars have been destroyed, my jewelry washed away, my very local Bank destroyed, my kids Souls have gone up to Heaven, my house is no more, the place where I work is wiped out, and the neighbors I usually reach out to are buried under their own furniture; and now even my legs are trapped under a beam and my lungs are gasping for air... Oh Brother, Oh Sister won't you please help me? Won't you please reach out to me in my hour of testing and temptation? And Dear God, would You look down upon me with Compassion? 

O What A Day! O Disaster O Disaster! Why is my hour of testing so heavy and so completely destructive? Why is my heart so heavy when I already know that I came into this world naked and without any resources, and I will leave the same way? I am so lost without you, Family... Please Help Me through this poem about life, please hand me a cup of water just so I could know that the veins in my body are still pumping, just so I could know that You still care about me. What A Life! And what a moment! But this too shall pass, this too was meant to happen exactly how it happened, and this too was meant to take my life away. But still I rise, still I am glad that I have lived a full life, I am glad that I have You to read what seems to be my last words, and I am elated that God is seeing me through, since things fall apart so they can fall into place in a brand new way. O what a Glorious Day to be alive!  

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  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    What A sad, sad poem. Hope the day brightens. Roxanna

  2. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Life is full of trouble, and every day is a problem. Roy

  3. Anonymous3:24 AM

    This life!!!? No one knows what to make of it. Crazy life. Buy a Tesla


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