When Will Uber N Lyft STOP Enslaving Drivers To Pick Their Financial Cotton?

By James Dazouloute --- Yes, when will these Ride Hailing Companies (Uber, Lyft, Juno, Tryp..) finally free the 3+ Million slaves they have chained up worldwide against their will? 
James Dazouloute - Helping Lyft N Uber Drivers

And when I tell you this Beloved, you may think that I am exaggerating or that I am being too harsh on these Rideshare companies who have made billions of dollars on the back of their slave drivers at ZERO-COST To them, but I tell you in all honesty that those companies are perpetuating slavery to the max and even worse than the Slave Owners of old. Because back when you were a slave,-- Jews in Egypt, Blacks from Africa, Irish People in Europe, Caribbean Indians to the Europeans, Australian original tribes to the English invaders etc... At least back then these folks knew that they were slaves, no doubt - no ifs and buts - and no pretenses about it. But nowadays, with Uber N Lyft along with other Ride Sharing Companies, they have taken Slavery into a new level, where they set a financial trap and the unsuspecting drivers gladly walk into it after buying a car with financing for 5-7 Years, and only to find out months later that the monies advertised by these companies were nowhere near what they read, or the split they were promised on each transaction 80-20, turns out to be 50-50 split on each ride they gave.

And how are the drivers their slaves? Because once they are in, they can never run away because of the Dangling Financial Carrots that Uber N Lyft place in front of them. Like Lyft - give 55 Rides and get $58 Bonus, or about 1$ per ride (If you can even get to the 55 Rides each week). Or Uber Claim of lighting up the City Map in red as Surge Pricing, only to entice the driver to head right away to that area, and only once they get there the red area is moved or the surge has ended.

And let's not forget that when a Driver is with Lyft or Uber, they have no say so to any accusation anyone makes about them. Because they don't even know they were given a 1 star and by whom, nor can the drivers respond to complaints and accusations. Because all they get after an accusation or complaint, is a message saying to be advised that someone made an accusation or complaint about improper behavior and any further complaints will result in Deactivation Of Account. And by this time the Driver has given another 10 rides or so and has no idea what Uber or Lyft is talking about and can not defend him or herself. And so if the driver gets 2 or 3 of such complaints that they don't know what they are, their account is deactivated permanently and the companies will them that there is a Pattern Of  Behavior. And here I thought we live in a country where you were afforded the right to face your accuser, and could defend yourself against any accusations, especially with no proof but someone's typing. And You Still Think The Drivers Aren't Slaves To Uber N Lyft? This is the old story where a person accuses a slave of anything, and that slave is beaten or hanged. Don't Let Them Fool You Beloved.

When Will Uber N Lyft STOP Enslaving Drivers To Pick Their Financial Cotton?

Now Beloved, when you hear that -- Uber N Lyft Drivers Are Running Their Own Business, This Is As Ridiculous As Hearing That The Slaves On The Plantation Are Running Their Own Cotton Field Because They Pick It At Their Own Pace. Because that is the only argument that those companies can come up with every single time: Oh, they drive when they feel like it and can do it at their own pace (But if they don't drive for a month, their account is deactivated). 

And then don't forget about the Car Rentals where most drivers pay about $250 per week (Or $1000.00+ per month for a basic Toyota Corolla? Which at any dealership, with bad credit, the person would pay about 250 a month), plus $125/wk. For Gas, so that is about $375.00 before the driver can even make a dollar for him or herself, and that if there is no snow falling, or no heavy rain with flooding in most neighborhoods where the drivers can't drive, also don't forget that the average driver who drives about 40 hours per week, only take home about $500-600 total, and so after you deduct rental fees plus gas, the poor driver has around $150-300 per week. And the over surplus of drivers in every major city makes it hard for the drivers to get consistent ride requests.

When Will Uber N Lyft STOP Enslaving Drivers To Pick Their Financial Cotton?

And of course, on any plantation where there are Slaves, there will be beating, assaults, rapes etc... And so it is no different for Drivers of Uber N Lyft who get beaten, assaulted and abused all the time - But the Fake Media will never report these, only when a Driver touches a super drunk passenger at 3 A.M 
SO SEE FOR YOURSELF WITH THESE LINKED ARTICLES (Because I know you will take Lyft N Uber Side, since you love your cheap rides)
--- ( Uber N Lyft Drivers Share Their Horrific Experiences Of Being Abused And Beaten )

---- Lyft Driver Brutally Beaten By Passenger, Of Course The News Media Was Quiet 

--- Uber N Its Drivers Has A Murder Problem In Many Countries (After all, if the drivers are Modern Slaves, who cares right?)

---- 2 Uber Drivers Shot Just For Giving A Ride And Sacrificing Their Car For Below Minimum Wage Pay? 

---- Uber Driver Gets Throat Slit, But Who Cares Since They Are Uber Slaves And Have No Rights? Don't You Agree?
Helping uber and lyft driver
What The Average Driver Makes In Many Major Cities

Also let's not forget how the poor Uber N Lyft Drivers have to suffer because of the lousy insurance that these Rideshare companies offer to them. For example, Uber N Lyft claim, tout and advertise that the drivers are covered under their $1000,000 Liability Insurance for any damages. But, say a passenger accidentally puts a dent on their car door, or a low hanging tree limb falls on their roof and spike it, and when they call it into that 1 Million liability insurance company, they are quickly told that their deductible with Lyft or Uber is for $2000.00. Now Beloved, the average repair cost for a damaged door or a dented hood is usually around $800.00 And so guess who have to pay for that? The Slave Drivers Of Course. Can You Imagine This Tragedy Is Allowed? While the poor drivers are being abused out there, but if their bumper falls off or a window is broken, Uber or Lyft Insurance company tell them that they must have $2000 of damages or more. And even if the damages came to $2500, they would only give them $500 and they would have to absorb the $2000 out of their own pocket and out of the $10-$12 Per Hour They Are Making. Oh, Won't You Help Them Too My Friend?
When Will Uber N Lyft STOP Enslaving Drivers To Pick Their Financial Cotton?



--- California - Passed Bill For Gig Workers To Be Freed As Slaves N Become Employees of the Plantation (And Uber N Lyft Plan To Fight It With 80 Million Dollars To Force A Referendum)

--- Uber N Lyft Drivers Are Running Their Own Business Is As Ridiculous As The Slaves On The Plantation Are Running Their Own Cotton Field Because They Pick It At Their Own Pace

---- Uber N Lyft Are Robbing Drivers By Keeping All The Fees They Charge For Themselves And Then Pass It As Income For Drivers To The I.R.S.

---- Uber N Lyft Pay The Slave Drivers To Protest Against Their Own Freedom?

Andy Dick - Arrest Warrant Issued Because He "Alledgedly" Groped A Poor Male Enslaved Uber Driver?? 

---- EX UBER EMPLOYEE Finally Reveals To You That Drivers Are Free-Labor-Slaves To Uber Executives ... But You Won't Believe this brave soul, I Already Know!
When Will Uber N Lyft STOP Enslaving Drivers To Pick Their Financial Cotton?

And so Beloved, if not for You and if not for Me, who will rise up and defend this Modern Monstrosity of Slavery that Uber N Lyft have propped up and try to pass on as the best thing since sliced bread was invented,, then who will? Since You and I take rides in those cars. After all there was an old White Southerner (John C. Calhoun) who wrote a book and said that Slavery was good for the Blacks, because if not for that they would have stayed in their hut. But with Slavery which came with the rapes, the abuses, the beatings, the murders, the hanging, the destruction of a people who lost their identity and their gene pool, according to him they got to travel to see the world, they got to live in houses. And Some Of His Exact Words: John C. Calhoun said, "Never before has the black race of Central Africa, from the dawn of history to the present day, attained a condition so civilized and so improved, not only physically, but morally and intellectually."  

AND DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR WHEN UBER N LYFT SAY THAT SLAVE DRIVERS SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN RIGHTS? ---- Because Defenders of slavery argued that the sudden end to the slave economy would have had a profound and killing economic impact in the South where reliance on slave labor was the foundation of their economy. The cotton economy would collapse. --- 

Just Remember: Denmark Vessey's revolt was in 1822, and Nat Turner's revolt was in 1831. -- And So Today You And I Must Rise Up Against The Tyrannies Of Uber N Lyft Against The Slave Drivers And Help Free Them, By Giving Them Equal Rights As Workers, Because They Work For YOU When They Are Giving You  A Ride, Since You And Uber/Lyft/Juno/Tryp Get To Tell Them What To Do. WHAT WILL YOU DO TO GET INVOLVED? --- SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS--

When Will Uber N Lyft STOP Enslaving Drivers To Pick Their Financial Cotton?

(But you probably don't care, just like when someone is breaking into your neighbor's house)



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    Amazing article about Uber N Lyft, it is time that they change their business model

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    This is awesome James, you have really detailed the case why we need to get involved and help the drivers of lyft and uber. P. Roethlesberger

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    Uber N Lyft services are greatly needed, but we do have to protect the rights of the drivers. Fan Of Ariana Grande

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