13 Super Famous Paintings You Must Collect

By James Dazouloute --- When you look at a painting, what do you really see? Well you see exactly what you need to see Beloved, then you feel and experience just what you are deep down inside. 
13 Super Famous Paintings You Must Collect

And just like when you listen to a great song, you understand it as you feel it, experience it and then allow the vibrations to flow through you to inspire you, to move you and help you to reach happiness. And I say all that to you Beloved, so you could stop falling prey to the so-called Experts, who make their money by playing god. Because they tell you that when you look at a Painting, an Expert needs to tell you what you are looking at, what the Artist was thinking, what you should understand about it and even how it should make you feel. This is Absurd! Simply because Art, Poetry and Music are expressive forms of the human mind, or a form of demonstration of the creative skill and imagination of the Artist, that is demonstrated in a physical and visual form that all can see, appreciate, admire, critique, find inspiration from, and even give hope and strength to the downtrodden. And so how can a so-called expert tell you how to feel or how to understand Art? Or how you should feel about a love song, or what you must deduct when you read a great piece of Poetry? 
13 Super Famous Paintings You Must Collect

And so this is why today I am sharing with you these 13 Awesome Famous Paintings You Must Know About, so you could enjoy the physical creative expression of great thinkers and visionaries like yourself. And hopefully by interpreting their meaning for yourself, you could be motivated, you too could be inspired, you also could find your creative awesomeness so you can contribute your own wondrous art, music and poetry with the rest of the world. After all, you are down here as Co-Creator with the Universal God, and as He/She creates each day, you are expected to fill each of those days with your creative expressions by inventing something, by painting from a place inside your mind, by singing a song of power, by writing a few lines of poetry to elevate your kind; just so the universe could be enlarged and just so you could take your place as Co-Creator of this illusionary physical dimension.So Begin Today By Using These Great Arts As Your Inspiration. Your True Friend, James Dazouloute

13 Awesome Famous Paintings You Must Know About

1. Klimt: The Virgin (1913) - National Gallery, Prague
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

2. Bosch: The Last Judgement (1505) - Gemaldegalerie der Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Wien
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

3. Klimt: The Kiss (1908) - Belvedere, Wien

4. Botticelli: Allegoria della Primavera (1478) - Uffizi, Firenze

5. Monet: Nimphee (1926) - Orangerie, Paris

6. Dali: Metamorphose de Narcisse (1937) - Tate Gallery, London

7. Leonardo: Il Cenacolo/ The Last Supper (1497) - S.Maria delle Grazie, Milano
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

8. Rubens: Fall of the Damned/ Der Hollensturz der Verdammten
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

9. Uccello: Battaglia di San Romano/Part I (1456) - Uffizi, Firenze
13 Super Famous Paintings You Must Collect

10. Van Gogh: Starry Night (1889) - Museum of Modern Art, New York
 13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

11. Raffaello: Sposalizio della Vergine (1504) - Piancoteca di Brera, Milano
13 Super Famous Paintings You Must Collect

12. Dali: Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (1936) - Museum of Art, Philadelphia
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

13. Bruegel: Triumph of Death (1562) - Prado, Madrid
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

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Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

By James Dazouloute --- An achievement in love is to have that "Perfect Love" just for You (Even if the world does not understand it - because it's not for them), 
HUMPHREY BOGART Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

made by You, set up and executed by You daily, no matter what is going on with your sweetheart. You Must Lead In Love, Always

On Wanting NO ONE Else IN THE WORLD.. Part 1
No one in the world can ever be like You - the Love of my life, because in my eyes and in my little world, you are my Baby, my greatest love of all, my partner for life. 

P.S. - Note To You Reader:
And this is exactly how A Romantic Family ought to view each other, ought to always feel from the heart about each other, and how each one should dedicate his/her life to the perfection and elevation of each other. But as for me, 
I am gladly declaring that there is NO ONE IN THE WORLD like my Sweetheart, and never have been for me. Because I have always been in love with my baby, I have always been looking for my perfect half, I have always been hungry for the love of my life. 
(#BeyonceNJayZ, #NickiMinaj,#Romanticlove,#Celebritycouples)

On Wanting NO ONE Else IN THE WORLD... Part 2
No one else in the world ever, not for me, not now, not ever. No one can ever understand me so much like you do my love, no one can even put up with me for a week - much less years. And now that I have finally found My Uniqueness inside your heart, I am joyful for such great treasure, I am elevated by such gift of love, and I am amazed as to how lucky I am. And the funny thing to me, is that Life inside your heart and our little perfect world, make me feel like I can do no wrong by giving me the most perfect love of all, YOU - My Wonderful Baby, My Loving Sweetheart, My Great Friend, My Uniquely Wonderful Sweetheart. 
 And So I Still Declare that NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD.. Not ever, not now, not in the future, not in this lifetime and not even in this eternity... can ever come close to you. Because You are the Love Of My Life and mine, and in my eyes -- perfect and innocent. And now I am full, now I am ready to meet My Maker, now I am all that I ever want to be... 

MICHAEL JACKSON Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

P.S. -- Tips To You Reader...
On Living AN AMAZING LIFE Of Love Together...
A Great and Wonderful life you must live, and even though you are currently facing what seems to be Mountains, it is all because you must climb them in order to be on top of the world, and be honored by all, and be the Hero to many, and be the encourager of all who are downtrodden. And once you fully understand and believe this, then you will see that you can not afford to fail, you can not give up just because a little mountain of troubles is right in your way. 
After all, you already know that you can use ropes to climb that mountain, and ropes are metaphor for Friends and Resources that you can have at your sides so you can climb faster, easier and with very little danger. 

Is what You seek and realize that you fully need by now, then you must go after it full strength. Yes what is yours is yours, and no one, no small mountain, no little trouble, no silly mishap can ever stop you from living an Amazing Life. 

And all you have to do is step up and be accounted for, yes step up and claim what is yours, yes step up and be the Leader of many, be the example who encourages others and show them how it's done. And so an Amazing Life is yours for the taking today, it is yours for living and experiencing today, and it is definitely yours for being the Pioneer and the First to ever conquer Life and all its many silly tricks... So Live That Amazing Life Today... 

Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

On Having A HEART JUST FOR YOU And Always For You My Love...
A HEART FOR YOU - Yes just for You My Love, just yours to own is the great pure heart that I carry inside me and that is dedicated to only You. Oh how I Love to give my heart to you daily, and make all my plans around you, just so we can be the Twins Of Love, just so we can make our Stars shine the brightest in the entire Universe. And now that my heart is for you, now that I am fully wrapped up into you, now that I am fully covered by your love, I can be the Greatest in all the world.

Oh Yes, a heart just for You my Sweetheart, My Heart, an amazing heart to love you for life, a wonderful heart to join up with wonderful you, a very glad heart to serve you all the days of my life. Oh Thank You so much my love, thank you forever my Baby. Thank you for permitting me to submit my heart to you, thank you for granting me access to the Amazing You. Thank you so very much for loving me, because that is truly the greatest gift of all. Oh How Lucky I Am! Oh How Wonderful I Feel! Oh How Invincible Your Love Makes Me Feel My Heaven! Oh How I Would Give Up Living For Me, Just To Live For You if you ever were to ask - Since after all, even God stopped living for Himself, just to die for Me. And now I am only living and loving as My God Does

Is an amazing gift to you My Greatness, and I am giving you all of me. I am admiring every inch of you. I am living just for you, I am giving all that I hold dear just to your heart my Love. I am easy like Sunday Morning, I am living the peaceful life, I am light as a feather floating in love with you, I am the amazing miracle man because You have miraculously given me your perfect heart and now I am invincible... Are You Also?.

REALITY TV SHOWS , Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

On Living One Life As One... 
Yes, Heart with Heart. Love with love. Sentiments with sentiments. Trust with trust. Chest to chest. Skin to skin. Arms to arms. sex with sex. Lips with lips. Embrace to embrace. And - I Love You with I love you... For life.

I Am With You my love. Teach Me and Make me feel you, make me know your embrace, make me know how your love feels, make me fall in love with you more and more and every second. Just like I am making You...

We are a team. Give Me secret things. 
I never want the day to end, without telling you that i need you, i need your breath on my neck, i need your arms around me, i need your love in my heart, i need your beautiful breasts on my lips, i need your hands in my hands, i need your pleasure in my pleasure, i need to live in your life and you live in my  life. 

And so on this great day of love, for love, my love. I would love to place flowers at your feet each day as you wake up, I would love to give you my scent, and I would love to honor you as the greatest gift I have ever received.

You are my everything, and I am so happy that I met you in this lifetime and in this dimension, in this corner of the many galaxies. 
I am so blessed to have your heart smiles every time it thinks about Me. 
I am so in love with your peace, with your gentleness, with your kisses, with your feelings for me. 
I need you, even if nobody else really needs you, I really do for the rest of your lifeThank you so much my Dearest and most loved Sweetheart.

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On Waiting For You Soon as you finish working today...
Soon you will be doing everything with me. 
Soon love will give us wings to fly to the heavens.
Soon my heart will melt with yours.
Soon your head will be on my shoulder, and my heart will rest on your perfect breasts. 
Soon, love will have 2 best new lovers. 
Soon I want to write my name inside your heart
Soon I want my face to be inside your mind. 
Soon I want my spirit to watch over you while you sleep
Soon I want my love to cover you like a blanket while you sleep
Soon Great lovemaking to you my love!
Soon Great hugs and kisses from my nice lips to yours.
Soon Great caress to hold you in my arms.
Soon Great breakfast as I devour your neck, as i devour your chest, your stomach, your thighs and then your.....

CLASSIC ROMANCE MOVIES, Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

 On Missing You So Much My love.. 
I refuse to stop thinking about you. 
I refuse to stop missing you.
I refuse to stop fantasizing about you.
I refuse to stop wanting your love and caressess.
I refuse to stop needing your hands all over me.
I refuse to stop telling you how much I want us to continue being best friends.
I refuse to stop loving your smile and beautiful hair.
I refuse... I refuse.. I refuse.

Books By James Dazouloute - WRITTEN JUST FOR YOU..
Books By James Dazouloute At

Books By James Dazouloute At

Books By James Dazouloute At

On Being Grateful For You And To You My Love...
Thank you, thank you and thank you my sweet love
Thank you for always being there for me.
Thank you for giving me your heart.
Thank you for giving me your strength
Thank you for helping me to be a better man
Thank you for making me want to make love to you.
Thank you my love.
Thank you for  being my heaven, my heart, my kisses, my joy, my beauty.
Thank you for being you and giving me all that you have to give. Now and forever, I thank you .

THE NOTEBOOK MOVIE, Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

On All The The Tiny Little Things I Love About You..
I love how Very Beautiful You are to me, and so I forget what the world thinks
I love your hair, I wish I could caress it.
I love your mouth, I want to kiss it.
I love your neck, I want kiss it gently.
I love your nose, I want to play with it.
I love your eyes, I want them to be in love with me.
I love your ears, and I want to play with them. 
I love your stomach, I want to rub it.
I love your giggles and I want to join in.
I love your sadness as I hold you and make you feel safe.
I love you tears that remind that you love to feel and experience moments.
I love your passion for life that make the world a better place.
I love your joy that teaches me not to worry and be happy.
I love your smell that let me know that you are marking me as your territory.
I love your pet peeves so I can have more ways to please you.
I love your eyes, I always want to look deeply inside them and rediscover ME.
WOW! What A Woman, My Woman, My Love, My Friend, My Desires
I am just doing my job to appreciate you.

P.S. (Tips For You Readers)
You could do bad all by yourself, so if you have someone, your life should be better in romance, in kisses, with  hugs, with love, with conversation, with passion, with sex, with pleasure, with  understanding. So Do Give Love All That You Have Each Time, Day And Moment. (No More Prejudices)

Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

On My Mission In Loving You..
I am just doing what I am here to do. And I want You to give me all that You can give. 
I don't want to give you air to breathe, 
I don't want you to have time to speak
I want to take it all, I want to leave you with no breath. You had many  years to have air, and to breathe, space and time. So now you are full, and I want to take it all. 
I want all of you, 
I want every inch of your body, 
I want your heart to be all for me, 
I want your breasts, 
I want your stomach, I want your thighs, I want your tongue, I want your.....
I want to give you all of me, every inch of me... take it!
I just want to take care of all your needs.
I want - First your heart, your feelings, then your mind and your body. 
I want to be your everything and love you the way you deserve.
I want to kiss you, make  love to you, make you take every inch of me, and make your have  a great orgasm. 
I want you to learn my name in bed and out of bed. 
I want to give you orgasms in the morning, in the middle of the night. 
I want your mind to call out for me in your dreams... 
I want You, Yes my beauty... Just like you are in my eyes. Beautiful.
I want You just like you are the most beautiful woman in the world for me.
I want Beautiful flowers, just for the love of my life
I want our love to be Super beautiful, because our romance, our friendship, our passion, our communication, our dreams, are all beautiful... Just Like You

Romantic Love, How To Speak To Your Sweetheart Daily

On Being Needy For You And Only You...
I want to say that i miss you
I need your heart, 
I need the way you worry about me. 
I need to have you in my life.
I need to say that you are my world, you are my best friend.
I need to  trust you completely with my love.
I need to become someone great with your help, and i refuse to do it alone. 
I need to spend the rest of my days with you, as you continue to be faithful 
I need a loving, respectable lady. 
I need to miss you, and if no one else really needs you... I need you. --------------------------------------------==================


Books By James Dazouloute At

****WRITTEN BY ME ****- 
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21 Silly Faces These Drunken Celebrities Make

By James Dazouloute --- These Silly Faces These Drunken Celebrities Make Will Make You Pause About Your Own Life. And

When it comes to drinking Alcohol, it is usually recommended that your lips don't touch it - as it kills brain cells and cause outrageous behaviour, but if you have to - then you are advised to drink it in moderation. But as you know we are human beings and we are imperfect, so naturally we are susceptible to vices, to weaknesses, to addictions, to debauchery, to problems... But what happens when you are a Public Figure, and millions of other people are counting on you, are following you, are adoring you, are spending their money to support your talent to make you rich, are listening to what you say, are flattering you by emulating everything you do? Do you have a responsibility toward them since they are the ones who make you rich by spending good money on your work, on your talent, on your gift? Well some say the Stars / Celebrities / Trendsetters do, while others say they do not. And whichever side you fall on, at the end of the day it should be noted that whatsoever every single human being does, will affect another human being sooner than later. And you see this everyday as we now live in a Global Community, where what someone does on the other side of the world, will instantly impact millions of others as they are all now able to communicate instantly through technology, and they will have an opinion about it, and their emotions will be affected by it. Also, if a trend is started on the other side of the world, it will instantly have an effect on this side of the world. So with that, I ask again, do Stars / Celebrities who are made rich and famous by the people have certain obligations as a Role Model to the people who follow them?

But as you are debating this, I am going to share with you 21 Stars / Celebrities who drank too much Alcohol and have made silly faces, as well have demonstrated outrageous behaviour. And this is a reminder for you not to worship anyone, not to be scared of anyone, not to give too much credit to anyone, but rather just say: 
I love you and I accept you totally as an imperfect human being. 

Then you will not have to judge, then you will not have to be disappointed by people or the Celebrities when they do something silly, then you will not have to be schock by others behaviour, then you can teach your kids the same thing so they won't fall for every fad or trend out there being set by those Stars/ Celebrities or all people in a position of power for that matter.

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