4 Ways To Always Solve Any Problem

By James Dazouloute --- We All Have Problems! Yes Beloved, from the day we are born when the Doctor slaps our butt to make us cry to test our lungs, 
4 Ways To Always Solve Any Problem
 to the day that we die and they bury us 6 Feet below so the worms could begin to attack us... We Have Problems. And in between these 2 Main events, we will have a multitude of problems, from Life trying to trap us when we are not paying attention, to the Devil and his agents (Human Beings) always trying to murder us at every turn. And so we have to learn to be ready to solve all kinds of problems. And the best way is to always have 4 Ways to do so. Why? Because if you think about it, God and the universe have always used these techniques to function:

  1. You have the  four corners of the earth: North, South, East West. 
  2. You also have the four seasons so life could go on: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. 
  3. The four witnesses of God on earth are miracles, wonders, signs and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 2:4).
  4. The Garden of Eden had a river which parted into the headwaters of four other rivers. These rivers were the Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and the Euphrates (Genesis 2:10 - 14).
  5. After Jesus was nailed and hung on a cross, Roman soldiers divided up his clothes into four parts (one for each soldier - John 19:23).

4 Ways To Always Solve Any Problem
And so Beloved, Four is the best number you can have and use to solve any problem you face, by having 4 Solutions ready to throw at the problem altogether, and so that way you will never fail. Kind of like having plan A, B, C, and D whenever you have problems of any kind. 

Except you have to use them all at the same time and overwhelm the problem. 
In other words think the way the Military always do when they face a problem in war, they always use Shock and Awe, in that they try to destroy the enemy by cutting off or bombing their communications, by cutting off or bombing their supply line, by using propaganda to instill fear and disorient the enemy, finally by bombing and killing the enemy altogether. And so you have to follow their great ways and treat any problem you face, whether from life, whether from a person plotting on you or whether the Devil is using them or situations to try to destroy you. Yes, This Is War! 
Life Is War Beloved, and you must win at all costs. 

After all, think about the Top One Percent who are ruling the world, they always overwhelm the people and shock and awe them in every situation..   
4 Ways To Always Solve Any Problem

And now it's your turn my friend. And now you must begin to think about any problem you are facing right now and solve them by having and using 4 Solutions all at the same time. 
For Example:
Say you have someone who does not want to do something that would benefit you, or that person is against you at work and she/he is trying to get you fired. You have to go into war mode. 
First, you would have to isolate that individual by removing any and all forms of communication they may have available, so you can begin to control the environment. 
Second, you have to begin to attack their mind using your own propaganda to make them feel that it is all hopeless and they will never have any chance to succeed. 
Third, you must find out what is important to them in their life and remove that, so they could feel hopeless.  
And fourth, you must go all in on that person and show that you are here to destroy them at all costs. And then you will quickly see this person will either submit to your will, or run as far away from you as possible. But You Must Use All These Solutions All At The Same Time, not one after the other, so you can overwhelm your enemy, so you can use Shock and Awe to your advantage.   
4 Ways To Always Solve Any Problem

Another example: Say a thief breaks into your house with the purpose to harm you and destroy you in all shapes. So instead of being scared to death and cower in the corner, you must quickly realize what is happening and realize this is a serious problem, and you must begin to activate all 4 Plans simultaneously and instantly. 
First, you must remove any communication the thief has to isolate him or her, while maintaining your communication line open with the police. 
Second, you have to begin to attack the mind of the thief by letting them know the Police is on their way and it is hopeless for that person to escape or win, and you also tell them that you are no victim and you are ready to kill and destroy him or her at all costs. 
Third, you must quickly find out what is important to the thief and take that away, be it a gun, be it that person is afraid to get caught... 
Fourth, now you must attack, attack, attack that person with everything you have around you, with everything in your house that you can throw at that person, with every trap door to imprison the thief, with every boiling pot you have to burn them, with every bleach in your bathroom you can use to burn their eyes, with every knife - fork - spoon - baseball bat - glass pots etc.. You have to destroy that person. All at the same time continuously using all the first 3 solutions. Remember Beloved, Destroy - Destroy - Destroy - So you could win. Because Those Are All The Things That Thief Will Attempt To Do To You.

4 Ways To Always Solve Any Problem





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5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think.

By James Dazouloute --- 5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think about life, about religion, about work and all other areas of your life. And that is because     
5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think.
other people have been where you're at today, and have faced the same dilemma that you are facing today, and had to question life just like you are doing right now. And they did it in order to find the answers to life, in order to understand their fellow brothers and sisters, and to even understand the gods and their plans. So this is why you too have to take the time to become a Philosopher of life and in life, you too must question things that are going on around you, and then come up with truthful statements about what you observe. Because this life is hard to live, it has many pitfalls, and you are left to figure out for yourself people intentions, meaning of situations, and how to succeed all on your own. 
5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think.

So let's take a look 5 quotes about life that were shared by others, so you too can expand your thinking:
1. The best work is done with the heart breaking, or overflowing. — Mignon McLaughlin (1913-1983)

2. The first half of our life is ruined by our parents and the second half by our children.— Clarence Darrow (1857-1938)

3. We love flattery, even though we are not deceived by it, because it shows that we are of importance enough to be courted. — Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) 
5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think.

4. All religions are the same: religion is basically guilt, with different holidays. — Cathy Ladman

5. Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life. — Jesse Lee Bennett (1885-1931) 
5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think.

5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think, and now you have what you need to make it Beloved, and now you are on your way to success, if you can decipher the true meaning inside each quote. And you have to realize that life is the way it is, because the Powers That Be (Gods And Aliens) wanted to keep things hidden and a little complicated, so that Humans could discover them with a little bit of hard work, and that way the gods would be glorified once the answers comes, once success is achieved, once your goals have been accomplished. And so this is why you must learn from others, this is why you must read the mind and thoughts of others, and why you must use those quotes and piggy back on them on your way to success today.. Your Life Advocate 
5 Life Quotes That Will Make You Think.




I Mother Earth Give Myself Away - A Poem

By James Dazouloute  -- I Give Myself Away, says Mother Earth,  so You can live. I give all that I have away to you so you could grow selfishly rich, and your children  can go on intoxicating me with pollutants. 
I Mother Earth Give Myself Away -  A Poem
  And I still give myself away so your food could grow, so you can have a wonderful body with the extra makeup. I Love You So Much that I hurt inside, and I mean that literally since your brothers have been taking all my oil for my skin, all my coals for my liver, all my natural gas for my body to have good circulation. But I don't mind, because I gladly give myself away through this love poem so you can have all that you want. 
I Mother Earth Give Myself Away -  A Poem

I am Mother Earth, and I bore you all, from your great-great-great-great Grandaddy, all the way down past you, to your 40th. Generation. And I give no matter what, I give no matter how much you murder your brothers and force me to drink their blood, starting with Cain and Abel in this age. And so I still give to help you to have life, I still help you to fill that deep hole in your heart, and let you have as much Gold and Silver as you want, as much Water as you want, and as much food as you have room to contain... All the while your little brothers in Africa and Haiti are starving badly. 
I Mother Earth Give Myself Away -  A Poem

I give, I give and I give to You so that all life can continue, because I am mandated to do so by our Creator God. I am amazingly in love with You, and no matter how much You have hurt me, I refuse to give up. And even though your Uncle Sun and your Auntie Moon want me to deal with you and punish you for your disrespectfulness, I gladly tell them you are very young and have yet to step into Your True Self. And so I await for you to grow up, I patiently open up my arms so that you could always know that you can come home. 
I Mother Earth Give Myself Away -  A Poem

I Give Myself Away, because You are my baby, you are the love of my life, and you are my pride and joy. And so I give myself away completely to serve you, to feed you, to protect you and to develop you. Yes I am Your Mother Earth who loves you so much, and the fruits that I bear are for you to live on, the herbs that I grow out of my skin are for you to heal your wounds, and the trees that I grow are for you to have fresh oxygen to breathe. And I even allow you to rip out my guts, and even though you are killing me daily and monstrously, just like you did with Jesus Christ, I still love you no matter what. And I still repeat to The Father God, like Christ did: Father Forgive Them, For They Do Not Know What They Do... 
I Mother Earth Give Myself Away -  A Poem



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