Dearest Hero Mama - A Mother's Day Poem

By James Dazouloute --- My dearest hero, myMama, you who went through all the pain of pregnancy, all the pain of throwing up, 
A Mothers day Poem.. SEE
 all the pain of morning sickness, all the pain of your beautiful body being stretched and scarred by me as a fetus - and then making you look ugly and fat while carrying me, and... Oh Mama My Hero, what have I done to you!

Oh my sweetest Mama! On this Mother's Day, your day of recognition, your day of honor for all the sacrifices you've made; allow me to be the first one to offer you praise for helping me to have a life. Permit me to congratulate you on being the greatest Mother on earth, for me.   
A Mothers Day Poem.. SEE

Also please give me the time to say I love you with all of my heart for passing onto me your genes, for giving me all of life's instructions that I would ever need and for correcting me always just when I need It. Oh how sweet and perfect to have you as my Hero.

Yes Mama, you are my kind of Hero, and the only true kind I will ever need. Because you always have my back, from the beginning to the very end, from the happiest moment to the saddest of times, and you will still have my back when I am glorified by others for doing something good like graduating from College - or God Forbid - I am arrested for driving with a suspended license. Yes sweet and perfect Mama, my one and only whom God gave to me, you are - and will always be - My Hero!   
Mothers Day Poem.. SEE:

Oh how fun it is to have a wonderful Mother who is always worrying about me, and who is always ready to sacrifice all her life for me, and who is always taking my side no matter what criminal or crazy act I may have just committed. Because to my Mama, she will always say: My Baby This! My Baby That! My Baby Is A Good Boy! My Baby Would Never Hurt Anyone! My Baby Is Innocent! Etc... All because you my sweet Mama, are my Hero, you are my protector, you are my defender, you are my sacrificial lamb. Oh How I Love You You Dearest Mama!

Happy Mother's Day Dear Mama, happy day to honor you, happy day to have met you in this lifetime and allowing me to become everything I am today. Yes Mama it is all because of you, yes because you allowed my Father to court you, then permitted your heart to fall in love with him, afterward you volunteered to carry me for 9 months of pain, of headache, of infections, of crazy mood swings.. All because you wanted me to have a chance in this life to become great, all because you needed for the bloodline to carry on, all because you were willing to put your life on hold - and sacrifice everything for the sake of love for your baby,Me. Oh Mama, who on earth can ever be like you? What other woman can ever dare to replace you?  

I Love My Mama! For Life And Forever. And so today I am sharing with the whole world that my Dearest And Perfect Mama is my whole world, just like she had made me her whole world long before I would be born. Wow, what a woman! What a godly being! Oh what a sweet and perfect Mother I have, what about You?

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  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Nice and lovely poem, help me to love my mamma

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    We all have to love our mama.


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