8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich

By James Dazouloute --- RobinHood, just like the name it is associated with - will help you by taking from rich people stocks, rich company stocks and give them to you, and that is from the very beginning just by opening up an account with them using only your basic info . And on top of that, you must know that they will never take a commission from you buying or selling your stocks. 
8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich

And I know that for you my friend, Investing is the last thing on your mind, because you have your little job and it barely pays you enough to pay bills, but this is why you have to invest. Or you would say what poor people always say: I don't have any money to invest right now (But buy latest phone - sneakers - purse - TV etc..), or Investing is for rich people (No, investing is for poor people to get out from being poor). Or you say the little bit of money you have right now is just to pay bills, but you have to invest in stocks or the only thing you will still be doing in 10 Years is still making enough to pay bills, by kissing behinds of bosses, by saying 'Yes Suh', 'Yes 'M', by working even when you are sick, by killing yourself trying to get a college degree just so you can get a job to make some money to repay school loans and the rest pay bills with. Really Beloved? Or maybe you are a Hustler (Male or Female), you just like to move on to the next scam after the next, and yet you still don't have nothing, just like drug dealers. But investing in stocks, bonds and crypto can take your little money and multiply it 100 times or 50,000 times. Case and Point: Amazon when it came out as a public company was going for  $18-20 a share, and as of May 2019, the stock is going for close to $2000 per share. Do The Math?   
8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich

8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich:

1. Will give you One Free Stock from rich companies just for signing up with them, so you, the poor person, can instantly own a part of a company that you never had anything to do with or even helped get started,  and now as an owner you can vote in shareholder meetings, just like rich people

2. Robinhood will let you open an account and link up your bank account with zero dollars. Meaning, even if you don't have $10 right now, they will still start you off with one free stock so you can see how it all works, so you can get your bearing and see how news and rumors will make a stock go up or down.

3. Also 'Great Robinhood' will help you to invest buying stocks and bitcoins with whatever little bit you have in your hands. Unlike big brokerage firms who want you to have $10,000 just to open an account with them

8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich

4. With Robinhood you can buy just about any stock your heart desires, even the ones who cost 15 Cents (Called Penny Stocks, if they are listed with Nasdaq or NYSE). And believe me dear friend these kind of stocks, like from the pharmaceutical companies who are doing research on Cancer or Aids... They are the ones that you want to buy as a poor man or woman at 50 Cents per share, because as soon as the news comes out that they have created a new drug to help fight off Cancer or Aids, then that stock will shoot up to $20, $50 or $500 a share even. And because you are poor, and you were only able to buy 100 Shares at 50 Cents for $50.00 and now imagine each share at $100 or $500 a share. Do The Math!

5. Also don't forget that Robinhood also allow you to invest in Bitcoins or other Crypto Currencies out there. And you already know that Bitcoin made a run a couple of years ago from $1500 to $20,000 a Bitcoin. Now this is something that Gamers and other kids used to use online as a way to do their little business before it became mainstream. And each Bitcoin was at a $1 each or less, and then all the way up to $20,000 each. Now, could you ever get a job that give you a raise at 20,000 Percent of what you were making? 

6. Robinhood will let you use the money you transfer to them to invest right away, even if they haven't taken the money out of your account yet. Up to $1000

7. Limit Order is something that Robinhood will let you do when you want to buy a stock or Crypto Currency at a particular price and it is not there yet, or when you want to sell at certain price and you're waiting for the buyer who is willing to pay that price. And the beauty of this is that you do not have to sit there and wait or be like a slave watching the price of your stock go up or down, to buy or sell. Just set up the order and when your stock reaches the price you want, the computer will automatically buy or sell for you

8. You can even speculate with Robinhood by buying 100 shares at a time (Or 1 Contract) without even actually having to buy those shares right away. And now this is where you get involved in what's called "Calls and Puts", and when you will be buying on a Margin Account. Just like you saw in the movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy. And for you, the poor woman or man, this is where you will be joining the super rich by using Speculation and other people money to make millions on stocks you don't even own.  
8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich

So now Beloved, are you beginning to understand how Robinhood will force you to get rich? Can you see that all the jobs are going away to other countries? Or can you fully realize that most jobs are being done with an App, or by Robots or Artificial Intelligence? And the only way out to save yourself and provide for your family is for you to invest in the stocks of these companies who are creating Apps, who are making those self-driving cars, who are building the Robots that will do your job non-stop? But Up To You Beloved! How much longer are you going to keep being part of the 99%? And how long will you keep on crying about not having any money for this, no money for that? And yet other people are making money, they are making their money work for them 24 hours a day, others are owning many companies without having ever drawn a business plan? What About You Beloved? Where is your Mercedes? Where is your big house? I mean let's face it, you are not going to become a rapper tomorrow, or a basketball player, or a golf pro tomorrow. And even if you did, you still have to invest like 50Cents did buying that bottle water company and then made million, or like Dr. Dre with those Beat Headphones and made a Billion or so. What About You, Use This Link And Get Started Today:

8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich

A Little Bit About Robinhood 
Robinhood’s story begins almost a decade ago at Stanford, where Baiju and Vlad met as roommates and classmates. After graduation they packed their bags for New York and built two finance companies, selling trading software to hedge funds. With their newfound experience in the world of finance, they realized that big Wall Street firms pay effectively nothing to trade stocks, while most Americans are charged up to $10 for every trade. They soon decided it was more important to build products that would provide everyone with access to the financial markets, not just the wealthy. Two years after heading to New York, they moved back to California and built Robinhood—a company that leverages technology to encourage everyone to participate in our financial system.
We’re an investing platform that lets you buy and sell stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, and cryptocurrencies. We believe that everyone should have access to the financial markets, so we’ve built Robinhood from the ground up to be user-friendly and approachable for all investors–newcomers and experts alike.

These stocks have gained 1,000%+ during bull run

8 Reasons Investing With RobinHood Force Poor People To Get Rich





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Dearest Hero Mama - A Mother's Day Poem

By James Dazouloute --- My dearest hero, myMama, you who went through all the pain of pregnancy, all the pain of throwing up, 
A Mothers day Poem.. SEE
 all the pain of morning sickness, all the pain of your beautiful body being stretched and scarred by me as a fetus - and then making you look ugly and fat while carrying me, and... Oh Mama My Hero, what have I done to you!

Oh my sweetest Mama! On this Mother's Day, your day of recognition, your day of honor for all the sacrifices you've made; allow me to be the first one to offer you praise for helping me to have a life. Permit me to congratulate you on being the greatest Mother on earth, for me.   
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Also please give me the time to say I love you with all of my heart for passing onto me your genes, for giving me all of life's instructions that I would ever need and for correcting me always just when I need It. Oh how sweet and perfect to have you as my Hero.

Yes Mama, you are my kind of Hero, and the only true kind I will ever need. Because you always have my back, from the beginning to the very end, from the happiest moment to the saddest of times, and you will still have my back when I am glorified by others for doing something good like graduating from College - or God Forbid - I am arrested for driving with a suspended license. Yes sweet and perfect Mama, my one and only whom God gave to me, you are - and will always be - My Hero!   
Mothers Day Poem.. SEE:

Oh how fun it is to have a wonderful Mother who is always worrying about me, and who is always ready to sacrifice all her life for me, and who is always taking my side no matter what criminal or crazy act I may have just committed. Because to my Mama, she will always say: My Baby This! My Baby That! My Baby Is A Good Boy! My Baby Would Never Hurt Anyone! My Baby Is Innocent! Etc... All because you my sweet Mama, are my Hero, you are my protector, you are my defender, you are my sacrificial lamb. Oh How I Love You You Dearest Mama!

Happy Mother's Day Dear Mama, happy day to honor you, happy day to have met you in this lifetime and allowing me to become everything I am today. Yes Mama it is all because of you, yes because you allowed my Father to court you, then permitted your heart to fall in love with him, afterward you volunteered to carry me for 9 months of pain, of headache, of infections, of crazy mood swings.. All because you wanted me to have a chance in this life to become great, all because you needed for the bloodline to carry on, all because you were willing to put your life on hold - and sacrifice everything for the sake of love for your baby,Me. Oh Mama, who on earth can ever be like you? What other woman can ever dare to replace you?  

I Love My Mama! For Life And Forever. And so today I am sharing with the whole world that my Dearest And Perfect Mama is my whole world, just like she had made me her whole world long before I would be born. Wow, what a woman! What a godly being! Oh what a sweet and perfect Mother I have, what about You?

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3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self

By James Dazouloute --- You just have to know these 3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self, because I know that you are just so frustrated these days with yourself, 
3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self
  with your mind and with all the opportunities that keep showing up in your life. And you are not capable to make the most of yourself, most of each day and the best with each opportunity. And for you it seems like it is one failure after another, one major let down following a grand let down, and one big mistake after another on your part. So this has to change, especially after that last great opportunity that came your way and you, once again, found a way to screw it all up. And So What Is This, You Ask Yourself? What is it about you and your negative mind that keep on driving you to fail? Well Beloved, it is all about the W.A.R. That is continuously going on inside you, between you and your very negative and sabotaging self. 
3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self

So today I will share with You about the Word and Acronym: W. A. R. = 
Willpower, Analytical, Rational

Your willpower is your ability for you to say No or Yes, or I am not going to do this or I am going to do that... And that willpower is always inside you and always come from you, but for you that willpower has been working against you in a very strong manner, where what you want to do you don't do, what you hate to do is what you end up doing - first subconsciously, and then consciously. So the war is going on inside you where half of you want all things positive, the conscious you; and the other half want all things negative to destroy and embarrass you, the unconscious you. So what you have to do with your Life Coach - your Neuro Linguistic Programmer is to begin regressing through sharing, through meditation and see where and when did all this begin. So you could unite the two you, with a new you or renewed you. 
3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self

This is supposedly the "smart you" who is always analyzing all things and making plans. Except you are always procrastinating when it comes time to do anything, and it seems like you are always doing things when it's too late or when the opportunity has passed. But you have all the right ideas, you know what to plan to do, but your negative self is always holding you back, always telling you not to put yourself out there, always telling you what was meant to be will be... But refusing to remind you that it will not be if you don't take the right actions at the right time. So reconcile the two of you and end the war. 
3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self

You have the ability to be rational and do what makes sense. I say ability, because that is as far as that goes. You know what makes sense, but you won't do what makes sense. Also in being rational you always get a gift from your intuition or from your higher self, and you always know what is right for you and what is wrong for you, but then your negative self always talks you out of it. And you end up ignoring what you know is for you or not for you, and you plunge it with both feet into all the wrong situations. So Stop That, and begin to win the war and start to follow your instincts and make rational decisions. Win Today.. 
3 Ways To Win The War Against Your Negative Self
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I Love Butterfly - Animal Poem

By James Dazouloute --- I Love Butterfly! I Must Shout, for you are one the most enigmatic animal specie on The Planet Earth. Also you teach so much silently, 
I Love Butterfly - Animal Poem
  that I must write an animal poem dedicated to just you, for you are so beautiful, so wonderful, and you are such a pure spiritual creature. Yes butterfly, I Love You from the very first time I laid eyes on you when I was 5 years old, and I noticed you flying in your perfect form being untouched by any sinful human, and My Mom said that you were perfect, and she told me if I touched your wings even one time, that you would cease flying, because you would become contaminated. O How Pure You Are Butterfly!

And I thank you so much as I proclaim that I Love Butterfly, since you teach me about transformation. Yes Transformation even in my own life, as you go from: Egg, Caterpillar Growth, Chrysalis Formation, Butterfly Development Within The Chrysalis, And Finally The Butterfly Emergence. Have all allowed me to finally understand my own life from Birth, all the way To Greatness Of My Legacy. And you, my beloved butterfly have shown me that every stage, and every challenge that I go through, is part of my metamorphosis to reaching Glory. 
I Love Butterfly - Animal Poem

Yes I Love Butterfly, and so does God. For in 2nd. Corinthians Chapter 5, Verse 17 He Wrote: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come... And so it is with you, that your own life is used by The Creator to help all of us into becoming our true selves, by using His Only Begotten Son as a Butterfly Example, and then we will no longer be chained and bound by slowness, by stupidities, by illusions. But become free to enjoy truth and allow our spirit to fly high in a perfect state. Thank You Great Butterfly, in all your forms – shapes and sizes.

O Butterfly! O Great Friend! And O Great Peaceful Teacher! Who else can teach me about Freedom? Who else can teach me about Joy, about Peace and about the greatest Transformation of all? Only You my animal spirit guide, and through this animal poem I bless you for giving so much of yourself to mankind through your beauty, through your peace, through your metamorphosis, through inspiration for tattoos, through your depictions in movies, in The Bible, in pictures, in art forms, in Allusions and even in the Spiritual Realm. 
I Love Butterfly - Animal Poem

Yes I Love Butterfly, and this animal poem unashamedly proclaims it. Yes I Love Butterfly, and  the progress and transformation of my life is the seed that has grown to full harvest. Yes I Love Butterfly, and You who adore and embrace the meaningful beauty of this little animal is proof enough of that love. Yes I Love Butterfly, and I am at best when I take the time to appreciate you, to learn from you, and to become like you for life. 
I Love Butterfly - Animal Poem
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book by james dazouloute

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