This Is What Compassion Looks Like

By James Dazouloute --- What Is Compassion that you've been hearing so much about it, and that you must have some of it as well show some of it? And why is it You who must have it and show it? 
This Is What Compassion Looks Like
  After all you are just trying to live your life, you already have enough on your plate as it is, and you have nobody to care for you or even to help with all the disappointments of this life. So your motto is: To each his own, and Do--You. And believe me you are not wrong if you think of life that way, and you are not selfish if you just try to take care  of you. And the only wonderful thing is the great power that you obtain within, when you decide to worry about others just a little tiny bit, or even help someone by just lifting the pinkie finger. 
This Is What Compassion Looks Like

So with that, Compassion is the ability to allow yourself to feel for others, and then get involved in their life to certain level for the little things that they are going through. And that is really the sum of it, nothing too complicated. And even the gods at some point of time have actually allowed themselves to feel sorry and love for mankind, as well have been known to get involved in helping them to make their lives better. And so it is that you are asked and expected to have compassion and then go out and show it. Because as part of  being a member of Humanity, as well as belonging to the community of souls, you are expected to be mindful of your love, your acts, your energy, and even your thoughts, as they all will have either a negative, or a positive contribution in the lives of your brothers and sisters who were created by the same God as you. 
This Is What Compassion Looks Like

And after you have had all your basic needs met in life, such as find food and water, then making sure you have a roof over your head, afterward going to look for and finding love, and only then to seek to be loved and respected by others who are around you.  Then come the final step of those basic needs, where you now want to become immortal, even though your spirit already is, and you begin to get involved in the lives of others and build a legacy where you will be remembered long after you are gone from this physical realm. And so you have to have compassion in your heart when you see someone, or even an animal suffering. Because that could be You, caught in that situation, and that could be you who is in such pain, or even your loved ones. Also you must show that compassion that you feel, and that is extremely important, since it does not do you any good to feel compassion for someone who is hurting, but you keep it all inside. Because they need to see it and feel it from you, so they can take courage and go on.

Because you have to realize that Compassion and Love are one in the same. So when you have compassion, you are actually loving your fellow human beings. And by loving them, then you are actually loving  a mirror-image of yourself, since you all are connected and are from the same Source. Kind of like coming from the same womb or from the same Vessel of a Mother, and if one kid has nothing to eat, then the other who lives in the same big house ( Universe ), also has nothing to eat. Of if one of those little beings is being abused and violated, and the other one lives in that same household ( Universe ), then he or she will be next, since the abuser is in that house. So again, when you have and then show Compassion, you are not only improving the lives of your brothers and sisters, but are actually improving your own life, before that trouble gets to you. So once more, if there is no water for the brothers in Africa, and you don't care, then sooner than later, that drought will make it's way down to you.  But by having compassion and then showing it in helping them, then you are helping yourself by avoiding that drought to get to you tomorrow. Get It?...
This Is What Compassion Looks Like



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