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James Dazouloute Is A Helper And Protector Of Humanity, But Also A Certified: Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Health Coach, And Business Coach. Also A Certified Practitioner Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  YOU WILL BE HELPED In These 12 Main Areas Of Life: 
James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

Spiritual Life - Love Relationships - Health And Wellness - Business Explosion - Legal Situations – Animal And Pet Issues - Philanthropy And Charity - Living Green - Disaster Survival - Shopping And Saving – Poetry And Arts – Personal Development. 

He writes about his experiences in the 12 main areas of life, his observation of others in those situations, and his curious research in those areas, along with his Higher Self always guiding him on what to write about.  

Additionally, He Is A National Leader, Educator, Author, Poet, Counselor And Activist. He has been involved with helping families for almost 2 Decades with all their Life-Events Situation, Working To Fight Injustice, Ignorance And Poverty In All Forms. Especially Poverty Of The Mind, In Not Being Enlightened. 

He Is A Serial Entrepreneur, He Loves Business, Self Development And Have Had A Life-Long Fascination With Spirituality And Technology.  His Mission Is To Empower Individuals And Families Not To Be Living In Lack Of Anything, But To Truly Empower Them To Become Legally Aware, Uphold Human Rights And Dignities, As Well As being Prosperous In ALL Areas.  .  

Additionally, he zeroes in on each aspect of these 12 main areas of life, as a lion stalking its prey and then write about them in such a casual and easy to read manner that any  8th. Grade student can easily comprehend and connect with . All due to his one big goal: High level education of the masses and baby understanding by them. He is also the Author of several Great Best Selling Books And E-books. 
Book - (Front And Back)
Must Read Books By James Dazouloute Author

About Your Life... Master These 12 Areas And Become A god Of Success - 
109,023 Words - 395 Pages - 
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The Ultimate Book About Life


To Get Help In All The Areas Of YOUR Life And To Get Your Hands On All His Latest Books To Better Your Life -- JamesDazouloute.Net is a source for knowledge and motivation along with the right positive actions that must be taken in the 12 main areas of life. Some Critics call JamesDazouloute.Net the ultimate place for complete self improvement, knowledge base and success in life.

On Why He Blogs:
Blogging has greatly opened up a platform for knowledge and truth to be passed on to the masses in a super efficient way. And this has impacted me in a way to step up and help others in a way like never before. Also, I blog for the purpose of pure and simple enlightenment. As the Internet is so full of garbage, as well copy and paste sites. So quality knowledge is so badly needed to overcome the stench or ranting.

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography

James Dazouloute Pictures And Biography


Books To Read - 1000 Mythological Characters

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10. James Dazouloute News N Quotes - 50 Best Ones
James Dazouloute News N Quotes - 50 Best Ones

21 Books You Must Read... See


10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

By James Dazouloute --- Happiness has always, and will always come from the simplest of things in your life, no matter what the Experts are telling you. Because to have joy and happiness, all you have to do is
 10 Best Ways To Be A Happy Person..

 take a look at that little pet of yours and the ways it is acting so funny in trying to understand you, trying to interact with you and trying to please you. Or if you go down by the lake near you, and allow your bare feet to touch the water, also look at the Ducks and see how simple they live and how they enjoy their surrounding. Or walk along that lake and feel the breeze in your hair, feel the gentleness of nature and your soul along with your spirit will connect with it, since you are a sentient being.

10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

So as you can see Beloved, to be happy does not take much, but our Society has conditioned you that to be happy you must get married, you must buy nice things, you must be a career person, you must have kids, you must buy all kind of stuff that you can't afford, you must ignore God and just keep doing you and experience all things that keep popping up. But then that same Society will turn around and judge you, since on one hand they will tell you to get Tattoos because they are cool, but as soon you go look for an important job, they quickly judge you if you have Tattoos showing. Or they tell you to do whatever you want and drink all you  want to be happy, but as soon as you want to get drunk all the time, they will quickly judge you and say that you are an Alcoholic. Or they tell you that you must find Religion to be really happy, but as soon as you don't agree with their kind of Religion, then they want to label you and judge you as well call you all kinds of names such as heretic, infidel, non-believer.

10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

So You see Beloved, you can not keep falling for the tricks of your circle, of Society, of fads, of so - called influential people or celebrities. No, to be happy and to become a truly happy person, you must do You. You must enjoy all the little things that are great for you, you must try and do these 10 things: 

1. Daily Exercise.
Because that would release all the chemicals in your brain that will give you energy and make you want to have a Zeal for life.

2. Happy Friends.
Don't hang around people who are always negative, who are always complaining about what they ain't got. Or who are always telling you that you are way too happy and that life is nothing but misery.

10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

3. Smart Thrills.
That means, find the little things that make you happy and go out and experience them. And for you that could be going on a boat ride, or going for a nice drive in the country side, because that may be what thrills you.

4. Get Enough Sleep. 
You need sleep Beloved, since your body is a machine and it needs rest to recharge itself, it needs nutrition to stay strong and it needs water to cleanse itself. So sleep all you can, every chance you get when your body is telling you it needs it. And you will be a Happy Person.

10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

5. Self-Trust.
Always trust yourself, always trust your instincts, always trust your higher self who is always there to guide you, who is always willing to help you. And just remember, each thing that you face, immediately realize what your very first feeling is about it, and then go with that. And you'll see that later on, when that thing reveals itself, you will be very happy with the instinctive decision you made.

6. Live In The Now.
Stop worrying about the future so much, because research shows that 90% of the things you worry about never come true. So live in the now and make good decisions that make sense, and you will be a very happy person.

10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

7. Gratitude.
Always, always be grateful for all that you have in your health, in your life, in your heart, in your house, in your pockets... Because no one owes you anything, And God did His part by creating you and placing all that you need on the Earth for you, but it is your brothers and sisters who are always being greedy and trying to make your life miserable. So be grateful to God, to the Universe, to Life and to all those who do any little things for you. And you'll See that your life becomes a very happy one.

8. Learn To Bounce Back.
In this life you are meant to have experiences, and because of your imperfections and lack of knowledge, you are going to make mistakes and those are part of the experiences you are supposed to have. But the problem is, you place positive or negative attributes about what happen to you. DON"T, just look at things for what they are, and if you took the wrong road, then turn around and take the right one and bounce back. Remember, you need to be a Happy person, so just continue to live your life.

10 Signs You Are A Happy Person

9. Get Unplugged.
Stop feeling like you must get involved in everything that your friends and family want you to. Stop being addicted and feel pressured to talk to all people Online on the Social Medias. Nope, Just Unplug and just keep doing you. Just relax, go by the lake, go by the beach, and just take a nice walk and re-connect with your higher self.

10. Smile and Laugh.
This life is not meant for you to be miserable, you came down as a Spirit Being to have wonderful experiences. So remember that and begin to smile, begin to enjoy each moment. Just like now, you are reading this and it should cause you to smile because you realize that there is at least one person who understands you and what you're going through. And smile at the birds, smile at the little babies that are so happy and yet own nothing. Smile at your pet who just wants to please you.. Smile at everything you touch, see, taste, experience... And then you will  realize that You Are A Happy Person... 

Bobby Mcferrin Sings... Don't Worry Be Happy

10 Signs of True Happiness


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Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

By James Dazouloute --- I took a breath just now as I begin to write, and it is only because of you my sweet love, for you are my reason to go on and
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

 to keep on going. Yes my amazing and wonderful everything, you are my reason to get up and to lay back down each day, since you always give to me the very best of your thoughts, the most excellent of your love and the very best of gentleness and care that any human can possibly receive. And for these simple, yet emotionally perplexed reasons, I do everything for you and always for you.

Oh my angel, how I dream nightly of our love, how my passion leaves me more thirsty no matter how many thousand of nights you are in my arms!!!

Oh my amazing romantic delicacy, how I look forward to keep rediscovering my piece of heaven each time my lips touch yours. 

Oh perfect sweetheart for my heart, How I give all my thoughts-energy to you while fantasizing about cuddling with you, about watching over you, about making love with you endlessly, about taking long romantic drives with you, about kissing your hands - feet - hair - and forbidden parts.  

Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Oh my joy to live, how I make money each day, only to look forward in taking care of all your needs, and hopefully someday to be able to take care of all your wants as well. Oh yes, all my will and energy go toward working hard because there is you in my life, only the precious Jewel of heaven who was given to me by the gods as the love-gift of eternity, just so I can do every little thing for you and only for you forever.

Oh me!!! I have no personal life, except the awesome love that I share with you mentally, always staying connected with you every second. For every little thing I do, I do so by talking, laughing and planning with you inside my head so that we can conquer the world together, Blood-in /  Blood-out.

Oh my love, just a reminder that every fiber of my body belong to you and only respond to your touch, for you have conditioned my body to be aroused, and then to be satisfied by only You. For you are, and always will be, my everything that I do everything for.

So yes, everything I do, they are always for you because there is no me without you, there is no orgasm allowed in my body without your perfect touch, there is no happiness inside and on my face without your soft kisses that reassure me that I am safe with you. And there is no reason to live life if you are away from me and not within touching distance. All because you are my every little thing that I have to do, always.    
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Oh where can there ever be another love like you in all the universes, in all the underverses and in all the multiverses? For you are the very best and most perfect person who was created just for me, who understands all my needs instantly and who can satisfy me fully no matter how many times of the day I need your care, your protection, your honesty, your passion, your devotion and your always giving heart. Yes my love, no one like you anywhere, since you are only made to fit me perfectly.

And so I gladly let all the beings in all the galaxies know that you are the love of my life, that you are the energy who carries me, you are the angel who blankets me, that you are the blood within the walls of my heart and that you are the love that rolls me out of bed daily. And so in gratitude for all that you do for me my love, I remind you that everything I do, they are all done for you and will always be for you. And You, Always For Me.....   
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Remember To Share Your Heart And Sentiments, Always With People You Love Beloved, Because Their Time With You Is Very Short. 

Bryan Adams Sings: Everything I Do...

Another Version Bryan Adam's Song

All My Love... 


POETRY Books By James Dazouloute 

Books By James Dazouloute, Author

Books By James Dazouloute, Author

21 Books You Must Read... See




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