Top 3 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

By James Dazouloute --- What Is Empowerment... And What 3 Ways Can I Empower Myself? Because I know that you are just getting so sick and tired of having Life just trample you under her feet, 
Top 3 Ways You Can Empower Yourself
   all the while people who Seemingly (To You) have no Morals, no knowledge, no wisdom, all seem to be doing perfectly fine. And so these situations leave you very confused, because you have been listening to The Gurus, you have been sticking to your goals, you have even been living a Holy life, yet still - Big Nothing. And so you want to know just What Is Empowerment, and how you can get some of that, so you could change your life, and begin getting all that you deserve. Some say that Empowerment is an increase of Power and Understanding in the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength of individuals and communities. 

But I tell you Beloved, that Empowerment is being able to make things happen that are good for you, then for the rest of Humanity. Because anything beside that, will leave you feeling empty inside, as well with desires of constantly wanting more. So today I will share with you 3 ways that you can be Empowered starting today. 
Top 3 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

First way to know what Empowerment is and to become empowered, it is to Find Reasons To Be Proud Of Who You Are Right Now. 
Meaning, you have a lot of things to be ashamed about, and rightfully so, because you are so stubborn, so foolish, so negative, and even wicked at times. However, there are plenty of good things about you as well, and for you to find them you have to start looking at the people that you love, and because of You they are living a richer life. You have to look at the little things that you have accomplished ever since the 5th. Grade, you have to think back to the times that you defended that person who was being picked on, you have to see how you are always willing to lend a hand to others in need even when things are bad for you. And then there is also your educational achievement, your spiritual closeness to God, you way of eating healthy every chance you get... etc. All you have to do is look at your life, and you will find good things. And then Empowerment will begin to take place, because when you think and feel good about yourself, then you begin to feel empowered to go out to do more, and be more. 
Top 3 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

Second way to be Empowered: Must Take Control Of Yourself And Your Environment.
When you are a puppet of Life, of circumstances, and even of your circle of friends, then you will truly feel demoralized and feel like a victim. But when bad things happen, and you quickly say well I am glad that this happen, and not when I was at the very top of my game, then you begin to be empowered to deal with that situation. When a friend shows you his or her true color, and You choose to see it as the opportunity of a lifetime, and say to yourself: Thank God that this person has acted out now, instead of 9 months from now when we would have gone into business together, then you are Empowering Yourself with your positive outlook. And really Beloved, even if you think back during all the periods of Slavery for different types of people, you will always find out that there were some who would always look at an abusive situation as an opportunity, and they were the ones to be Empowered and succeed in attaining their freedom, and even becoming a great person (I.E. Frederick Douglas).. And so can You , if you stop saying: Poor Little Me... each time something happens to you. Just Remember The Half Full And Half Empty Glass Outlook.

Top 3 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

The third way: Realize That No One Can Empower You, Except You.
And what I mean by that is, someone can come along and begin to encourage you, but it is always up to You to receive and accept that encouragement. Someone can come along and help you with some money, but it is up to you to take that money and go do the right things with it. Someone like Me can come along and guide you as a Life Coach, but it is up to you to walk through the door of life, and then grab her by the hair and make her give to you. So as you can see, True Empowerment come from The Inside Of You Beloved. Because you have to add all your experiences, all your knowledge, all your belief in God, all your resolve, all the help you get from others, all the events that are taking place in your life.. And with all that, create a powerful potion for your mind, your heart, your needs, and your willingness... to all come together, pull together, and get you to Become Empowered For Life.... And Then You Will Be The Success And The Influential Person Who Is Remembered For Having Been Great... Your Life Advocate 
Top 3 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

Empowerment And Self Love Meditation





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    We all need to find our inner strength..

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    Not just women need to be empowered, also men

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    No longer a victim, but a winner

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