Take Me To The King... A Love Poem

By James Dazouloute ----  Take Me To The King, For I am so perverted and so inundated with sins that only The Great God-King can cleanse Me. 
Take Me To The King... A Love Poem
   And So I Bring A Love Poem with me, a spiritual poem as a gift to God, to show Him that I still Love Him with the deepest and sincerest of affection to serve and worship. So please let us begin on that road to The Throne Room and take me to the king.

I am so distraught, I am so humiliated, I am so lost, I am so unforgiven ( I Think ), I am so ruined, I am so indebted, I am so stupefied, I am so wrong, I am so regrettable, I am so lazy, I am so wicked, I am so sick, I am so crazy, I am so possessed, I am so enslaved, I am so hungry, I am so dark, I am so distressed, I am so stubborn, I am so prideful, I am so arrogant, I am so rebellious, I am so unlovable, I am so murderous, I am so evil, I am so heartless, I am so manipulative, I am so greedy, I am so empty, I am so worldly, I am so two-faced, I am so evil, I am so material, I am so sexual, I am so hateful, I am so jealous. I am, I am... and I still am. But Please Take Me To The King So I Can Be No More, And Become A New Creature In Christ His Son. 
Take Me To The King... A Love Poem

O Brother, O Sister! Do you know the way to the Kingdom Of The King? For even the one-eyed man is a little king in the Land Of The Blind, where I have been a great king and powerfully blind. Please lead me with your only eye, so I can bring this love poem to God The King, so I can show Him my great love for Him, and ask to be cleansed, and be made anew as white as snow. 

Take Me To The King, because I have no more strength, for my sins have weakened me to my death bed. Take me to the king, for the only love that I have left in my heart is but a whisper to say: I Love You Father, And I Realize Now Just Like The Prodigal Son Before Me, That I Am Nothing Without You And Away From You. 
Take Me To The King... A Love Poem

O Worshiper, O Righteous Man, O Woman Of God, O Great Intercessor, O Prophet Of The Living God! I call upon all of you to please take me to The King, for you know the way through your prayers, you know each step through your obedience, and you know every dead end having been perfected. Oh God, I need You forevermore, so please order my Brothers, Sisters, Holy Angels to take me To You, for I Need To confess all of My Sins, My Iniquities and My Transgressions at Your Feet. And I need to love You by Obeying Your Commands once more. 
Take Me To The King... A Love Poem

So Take Me To The King, I beg of you Mother Earth, I beg of you Atmosphere, and I plead with you Universe to all allow me safe passage, as My Soul and My Spirit pass through your domain to get to The King's Throne room. O Lord Jesus, My Big Brother And Saviour! Help Me... And reach down below to pull me up from The Abyss Of My Filth, and Take Me To The King.

Yes I am not ashamed, Yes I am not discouraged, Yes I am not timid, and Yes I am Guilty. So take me to The King so I can remind Him Of The Blood, take me To The Great I Am so I can be Covered and Forgiven once more. Take me to God Almighty, so I can be at His Feet. Take me to The Eternal Living God, so I can give my love back to Him, shaken down, pressed together, with no room to contain in The Heavens, because it has grown so much 

Take Me To The King, Yes, Like Tamela Mann Said. Take Me To The King, for I am the king of the blind and have lost my way. Take me to The King, for I am too weak to get there on my own. Take me to The King, for I have a special gift for Him: My Deep Love And Adoration, Along With This Sincere Confession And Repentance Of My Sins... Won't You Help Me Get To The King?...  
Take Me To The King... A Love Poem

Take Me To The King... Sung By Tamela Mann


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  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I love this poem, I feel so connected with God

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I love that song by Tamela


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