How To Fall In Love Everyday

By James Dazouloute --- The easiest and best way to fall in love is to always open your heart each day, no matter what, no matter how you feel, no matter the weather or the events in your life. 
How To Fall In Love Everyday.. SEE These Tips
 And before I continue, I am going to share this with You: No Matter How You Feel, GET UP - GET DRESSED AND SHOW UP. And if you do this in life, then you will always have love no matter what - in your life. Again I say Beloved, you must get up no matter how you feel and do what you're supposed to do for your sweetheart. And then you get dressed so you can perform your duties of love, so you can demonstrate your acts of compassion, so you can give all that you have to give. And then you will end up showing up like the Hero that you are, always saving the day, always being the shoulder to cry on, always being the best friend that your amazing teddy bear needs each hour. 
How To Fall In Love Everyday.. SEE These Tips

And so as you can see my friend, to fall in love everyday is not hard, and to maintain love is not outrageous and to fall in love all over again each day is super easy to do once you stay focus on what is important, which is  love. And after your health, Love is the most important thing to have, and they run together. Meaning, if you are healthy then you are available to fall in love, while at the same time if you have awesome to love - it will keep you healthy, since when you are happy your blood runs richer, your brain cells are stronger and you laugh more often.   
How To Fall In Love Everyday.. SEE These Tips

But of course, you have to have love, you have to keep love, you have to stay in love and you have to be in love. Because this whole universe is all about love, remember? For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son... Also Adam and Eve had to procreate out of love so they could populate the earth, so that you can be born and fall in love. And so now you have to share that great love, so your sons and daughters can in turn show and share love. 
How To Fall In Love Everyday.. SEE These Tips

So I implore you Beloved, fall in love every chance you get. And that means renewing that love over and over again with the one you love, with the one you gladly fell in love with, with the one who is your soulmate and your best friend and your partner. Because you are never meant to be alone since everything comes in pairs, and after all, just look at your body where you have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 ears, but one heart to fall in love with and one head to think about how to fall in that love and stay there for life with that special someone. So Go And Get It My Friend... Your Romance Advocate... 
How To Fall In Love Everyday.. SEE These Tips
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  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Great tips about falling in love

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    We all need love to last

  3. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Love is always so sweet at the beginning


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