How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

By James Dazouloute --- How To Build Chest Muscles? And how to look good as quickly as possible?. And whether you are a man with flat pectorals, 
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways
 or whether you are a female who is sagging  and have no upper body strength, you want chest muscles. Because you know that being fit and looking good is the key to success in all areas of your life. And in reality, you workout your chest all the time without even realizing it, such as: When you lift a chair, when you pick – up a baby from the floor,  when you get down looking for your shoes under the bed, and even when you are driving and turning the wheels. Except, these efforts are not concentrated.  And so I will share with you today, 3 fast ways to build these muscles in 2 weeks or less in a concentrated effort.

And the first thing to do to build chest muscles: Do Chest Exercises.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

And by that I mean, try and think of any and all exercises that have to do with your chest. And please do not think that I want you to kill yourself bench pressing 500 pounds. No what I mean is, you need to start with focused exercises, because the pectorals are part of  “ Major muscle Groups. “ And they need focused attention, so you will start with the old time favorite: Push – ups. And this great and perfect exercise has been around for thousands of years, and will continue to be around, because when it is done properly it builds your chest, your arms, your neck, your back, your abs, your forearms etc. And so if you are a beginner, then do not feel any shame in placing both knees on the floor along with your hands, and by supporting your upper body begin going down all the way to the floor to about 2 inches from it ( Never touching the floor ), and then push yourself back up. Now a good amount to begin with is 10, and do them for at least 10 sets, which would come to about a hundred. Now after your first day, you have just super - shocked your muscles, and so it is only natural to feel sore due to the concentrated tissue damages you have just created. But in reality, you tear something up each time you move or pick up something, it's just that your cells quickly repair it and then you go on. But when you concentrate your efforts in one area for so long, then rest and nutrition will help your cell to repair and grow your body in no time at all.

Second quick way to build chest muscle is: Nutrition.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

The more rice, bread, noodles, candy, ice cream that you eat; the more flabby your body will become and stay. 
The more fish, chicken, beans that you eat; the more muscular your body will be. There is an old saying that bodybuilding is 90 percent nutrition, and 10 percent workout. And this is still true to this day, because you have 24 hours in a day and 10 percent of that is 2.4 hours. But you only workout for an hour or less per day, so that really only comes to less than 5 percent. So are you starting to see, why it is so important that you start to consume more protein, more vegetables, and some fruits?. And the trick / illusion is, the smaller your stomach the bigger your chest. And the bigger your stomach the tiniest your chest is. And I say illusion because, your chest is always the same size and it's just that all the attention is drawn to your stomach. So nutrition with a rich protein diet will quickly help you lose weight and fat, as well build your chest muscles.

Third way to build chest muscles: Rest N Stretch.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

And I can not say anymore about these 2 items, because if you don't do either one of them, sooner or later life will make you. Because you have to rest and sleep, so your brain can focus its entire attention on giving your cells the right commands to heal, build and maintain your great body. Then you have to stretch, because these cells that are healing you, have to have the proper blood flow for them to do their job. And stretching keeps the entire highway of your body running clear, and the cells in your toes can receive their commands from the brain to repair whatever is needed when you stump your big toe. 
S0, Do these 3 things and you will begin to build your chest muscles in less than 2 weeks, and soon have perfectly well-rounded chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in his prime.
Arnold Schwarzenegger How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways


1. The wider the push-up, the more muscle fibers you are igniting
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

2. Your pectoral muscles, or chest muscles have many areas that you have to touch on if you want a well rounded chest
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

3. For the best chest exercises to benefit you, always do proper forms and breathe, breathe, breathe
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

4. Never abandon your Decline Push-Ups if you want the perfect chest and beautiful shoulder striations. 
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

5. Work on your balance as you are forcing all your chest muscles to activate and participate.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

6. Work on your Upper Chest by performing different exercises to touch every hidden head.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

7. These basic 6 exercises are all that you really, really need to have the perfect chest. Man or Woman.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

8. If your Lower Chest Is lacking or sagging, then these are the 5 best exercises to hit them with.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

9. Again you must use proper forms and you must visualize what it is exactly you are trying to accomplish and how you want your chest and shoulders to look.
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

10. And now for the Beasts out there, who want to be feared with a huge muscular chest that everyone will love and are hypnotized to
How To Build Chest Muscles-In 3 Quick Ways

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