Hello My Love! A Love Letter

By James Dazouloute --- THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD WRITE TO YOUR SWEETHEART WEEKLY! - Hello My Love, how are you at this very moment? And how about your precious heart, how is it feeling? I wanted to 
Hello My Love! A Love Letter
  share with you just how lucky I am to have you spend your life energy being with me, and now I am so blessed because of this wonderful unselfish act taken by you. 

But I guess it is not surprising, especially with who your Father is, for He sent Your Brother to come down and die for us, just to repay all of our spiritual debts, and give us a way to be loved once more along with a way back into God's Heart. And so you have done the same for me by sacrificing your heart just so all my past mistakes in love can be forgiven, and just so I can have another chance to be loved again and have a way into your great heart. So Thank You My Love.   
Hello My Love! A Love Letter

Oh how wonderful I feel, just knowing that you are the love of my life, just being a part of your life, and just being able to show you my appreciation for your love and your amazing devotion to my happiness. And now I am just writing down my thoughts, just so if I ever lose my mind then I will have a record of how much you loved me, I will have a great chance to regain my know how and love you again. And so I love to plan, because no one knows the future, and I love to remind you just how much I love you, just how amazing you are, just how precious you are in my eyes, just how we are growing together every single hour, and just how I am falling more and more in love with you. 
Hello My Love! A Love Letter

I am also glad that you are walking this long journey of life with me, also because you are joining me on this adventure of love. And because with you at my sides I can not fail, I can not wander, I can not backtrack, I can not be engulfed in the dark. No, I can only be more in love, I can only experience "Nothing But Right," I can only find great joy with each of my steps, I can only become a much better person by loving you and dedicating all that I am to you. After all, you are responsible for me, you are the gardener of my heart, you are the passion of my soul, you are the delight of my dreams... So Hello My Love, And Thank You... 
Hello My Love! A Love Letter
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  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Nice way to start a love letter

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Love should be easy and simple

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    A love letter? Nowadays it is more like a text letter


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