Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

By James Dazouloute ---  Every little thing I think of, is about you my love, it is to make you happy and it is for you to be made happy by me every single day of this wonderful life journey that you chose to share with me.
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem
  Yes my sweet love, every single thing I do from the time I wake up, is to be at your heart's service. And every single bite of food that I take is to strengthen this weak body of mine so I can have more energy to fall more and more in love with you. And not because you are perfect, but because God made you exactly how I need and for exactly what I need. Yes, I do declare Babe, you are My Necessary for everything I do.

Everything I do, always for you my partner, 
my love, my best friend. All because it is right with my heart, it is great with the world and it is perfect with God. 
Yes everything is right in the world when you hold my hands my love, yes every dream is realized when you whisper "I Love You" to me unexpectedly. And all is perfect when you hold my hands and squeeze it to share your energy with me to give me more courage to live. I Love You My Dearest Sweetheart, because you are everything I live for.
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem
I gladly sacrifice what I need because I do not matter without you Baby. And I refuse to breathe unless that breath is shared with you and is working toward us being happier and stronger together. Yes my love, everything I do is, Always For You. 

You are my necessary my love, 
you are my dreams come true, you are my hope realized and you are my answered prayers from God. Because you make me feel alive every hour, you caress my heart only with a simple look and you fill me up with your kisses that always, always take away my deep hunger. 
And so I live for you, I do every little thing for you, I work for you, I sacrifice all for you and I refuse to live without you. Because you are my everything and everything I am is because of you.

I am here now because you need me, 
for it not I would gladly ascend back to Heaven. I breathe now because you need me to be next to you, and I kneel down now because you need to be raised up. And I ask you to be with me forever because you must be reminded that you are more precious than food. Oh my love, how I want to do every single little thing for you proudly. Oh how I must be with you every single hour so I can help you to be the best you are meant to be! And I gladly give up myself so I can find Me inside your heart, because every little thing I do is always for you
Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Oh how I need love, how I need You in other words. 
And how I am because you made me, and how I feel because you shared with me, and how I behave because you taught me, and how I grow because you water my heart. And how I live because you have taught me sweetheart. And how I know - because you connect with me sentimentally and spiritually. And how I Do - because you bless me my love. I need you forever and for that, I must do everything for you and always for you and only for you.

Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

My sweet love, my teddy bear, my baby, my angel, my darling, my heart, my inspiration, my guardian, my keeper, my deliverer, my reason to live, my happiness, my inspiration, my need to live Are All YOU my love. Because every little thing that I am is because of you, every little thing I do is because of your help and every little happiness I experience is with you only. So understandably, everything I do is for you, always for you and forever for you, because we are to grow old together and build immortal memories in the Universe just so we can always be together. All Because Everything I Ever Want To Do, I Dedicate To You My Perfect Sweetheart.

Everything I Do - Always For You. A Love Poem

Everything I Do .. For You --- By Bryan Adams

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  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Great poem to help people stay in love

  2. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Everything I do, always for you. But What About Me???

    1. You have to live a balanced life my friend. As you are giving love, there must be conditions and reciprocity. I mean even God who loves you demands gratefulness, worship, loyalty, trust and the first fruits of all you have. And so the other person must do something for you my friend.

  3. Anonymous2:50 AM

    You can do all for Love and still lose everything. 20 Years of marriage all down the drain


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