Best Way To Make Money - N Keep Making It.

By James Dazouloute --- No matter who you are, Money is a big part of your life, and how to always make it and keep making it are the biggest puzzle you will ever have to solve in life. 
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 Because no other type of resource will baffle you like Money can, since if you want to eat you can always look in a dumpster and find some food, or if you want water you can always go down to a lake and get some, or if you want to get somewhere you can always walk, but if you need Money you can't create it, you can't find it in a dumpster, you can go to a lake and get it, you can't walk toward it in a parking lot. And so you have to work at making money, you have to go into doing business to make money and you have to have connections to keep on making money. But how do you make money and keep on making it for life? 

Don't Burn Your Bridges. 

Plain and simple don't do it. All because money come and go, businesses start and close, days start and end, and all good things come to an end. but if you have great business partners and connections who trust you , who believe in you and who have a lot of respect you, then you will always be able to make money, you will forever have connections who will help you to make it even if you fall again and again, and again. But if you burn your bridges with your business partners, with your connections and with your great financial friends by doing them wrong, by disrespecting them and by stealing from them even a few pennies, then you will burn your name in the industry, you will ruin your reputation, you will completely erase your financial capital and you will absolutely lose all the monies you have made from bad mouthing, bad reputation and from lawsuits. 
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So for the best way to make money and keep on making it, don't burn your bridges with the people who are helping you to make that money, helping you to reach your goals and helping you to get all that you can get financially. And that way you can stop crying about how unfair life is, how unlucky you are, how things never seem to work out for you and how you if you don't make it soon then you don't know what you're liable to do. So stop getting so mad all the time, stop trying to be the shyster you are known to be, stop man handling all your business partners in all that you are doing. So you must keep your enemies close so you can always know how they are plotting on you, but you must keep your friends, business partners and benefactors up to your nose with love and appreciation. Because they are the ones who will defend you, help you, protect you, give you money when your enemies have overcome you. So don't burn your bridges with them. 
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  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Money solves problems, also causes problems

  2. Anonymous2:46 AM

    We all need money to live in this modern world, even the hypocrites and the religious

  3. Anonymous2:49 AM

    This current money system was created by the gods

  4. Remember, it's all funny money, so you better start being funny if you want some of that money

  5. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I'd like to find out more? I'd like to find out some additional information.


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