5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today

By James Dazouloute --- There is really no real mystery into building your body, because while your body is complex with the genes, the cells, the DNA and the brain. 
5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today
  It is also very simple in the things that it needs to grow and stay operating at optimum performance. And you want to build big muscles and transform this weak body of yours, so let's do it in 5 easy ways.

Step 1. To build big muscle, you must first ask yourself why do you want to have a great big body?. 
Because once you answer this question properly, then this will make and keep you successful in building big muscles for the rest of your life. Are you doing this just to impress others, or just to be intimidating looking?. Because my Friend this is not enough for now and it will not be enough then when the weights get heavy, and there is pain in your back and in your shoulders. You truly have to want to be Healthy and Strong for the rest of your life, because this is what will keep you away from Steroids and other dangerous drugs when your body is not perfecting at the pace you want. So get into the mindset that you want to live to be 80 and disease Free.  
5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today

Step 2. The best and only way to build big muscle is to join Or Create A Gym my friend. 
And by a Gym I do not mean those Fitness Centers with all the pretty cable machines, no I mean a Gym that have Free Weights - meaning dumbbells, barbells, plates, old fashion bench presses. Because these kind of weights will add natural resistance to your body and force it to grow, it will also force your bones to enlarge and be ready so you can start eating 6 to 8 times a day. And you see the pretty machines with all the cables are made for toning your body, not for forcing your muscles to grow. And another reason to join a gym and not workout at home is because you will need to stay motivated. For there are days that your mind will not want to lift those heavy weights, and you won't even want to eat right. So these are the days that by just showing up at the Gym, a connection will be made and the energy of others will affect you and push you. 
5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today

Step 3. To build big muscles and just like any other thing in life you want to be successful in, you have to set goals. 
Because Goals are dreams with a timeline, and if you don't write your goals down then they don't exist. Also there is this thing about the Universe that when you want something badly, you write it down in details with time lines, then the Universe has a way of serving you and bringing that thing right to you because you knew exactly what you wanted, how you wanted it and by when. So make Goals about your work out, about body weight, about muscle size of different body parts. And do make short term and long term goals. 
5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today

Step 4.  To Build Big Muscles, You Must - Must Take Care Of  Your Nutrition.
 And I tell you Beloved, your nutrition will include food, supplements and water. And I know that by now you know all the right foods to eat and the ones to stay away from. You know to stay away from fat, heavy sugar and fast foods. You should also know that eating small meals are always better than eating one big meal, because nothing is worse than to see someone with huge muscles and  yet their stomach is still the biggest thing on their body. As a matter of fact, if you can keep a tiny belly you barely even have to build big muscles, because that alone will create an illusion of being huge because a small belly separates your upper body to your lower body. And you will need supplements, and by that I mean you can never get all the vitamins and nutrients you need from just eating regular foods. You need extra protein, extra vitamins and extra amino acids. so get those either Online or at a regular store.   
5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today

Step 5. Final Step in building big muscles is to learn to rest, rest and more rest.
For you see dear Friend, the old saying in bodybuilding is still true: " To Grow Your Body, You Must Revert To Being A Baby ". Because my friend ask yourself what does a baby do?. A baby spends about 18 hours a day sleeping and the other 6 hours they spend eating and relaxing. And that's how their little body grow so fast from birth and for the first 3 years. So After you finish lifting  heavy weights don't go  help a friend to move a 5 bedroom house, no. Eat like a baby and then rest, rest and rest. Grow yourself, then you can grow others. 
5 Things To Do For Big Muscles Today

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