Why You Need To Start A Successful Business

By James Dazouloute --- You have to have you own Business, by any and all means necessary. And I mean that in the most sincere way, 
Why You Need To Start A Successful Business
 because until you get to the point where you are really and truly tired of working for another person, or some huge corporation that plays with your life as if you are just a piece of string to be cut at will, played with at will and be twirled around, then you will not do any and everything by any means necessary to start your business. I mean let's face it, you are the lifeblood of every company you ever worked for, because you take things to heart and you always do your best, not for the company's sake, but for your own pride and integrity along with your great reputation. 

And I have to tell you that those 3 attributes, your good pride - your great integrity - your wonderful reputation .. Are all you need to be in business for yourself, and to be successful as well they will always help you to last and stay profitable. Because when you have good pride and not bad silly pride, you will never try to sell a crappy product to your customers who you know are your brothers and sisters, and on top of that because of your good pride you will not sell or present anything to anybody that you don't believe in yourself, or that you wouldn't use yourself or allow your family to use. And then comes your great integrity where you will not sell your soul to make a buck, nor will you ever sell poison to children and you definitely won't lie to your customers or try to avoid them. And finally your wonderful reputation, where you are known to be fair to one and all, where you hate injustice and refuse to take advantage of anyone, nor do you allow your suppliers or partners to rub your customers and sell them fake products. And these are the qualities that anyone must have to start and run a business. 
Why You Need To Start A Successful Business

Because when you go into business, you are doing so to barter with other people, where they trade you money for your services or products. And in doing so you must show that you care about the people who you are dealing with, you must also demonstrate that you are a person of your word and you keep that word to show your integrity. As well you need to build a reputation with your partners, or friends, or customers where they know that you are caring, and you will always do your best to bring them the best and you appreciate them so much because you know that your partners are the lifeblood of your business. 
Why You Need To Start A Successful Business

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    I have great business ideas

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Businesses have been turned upside down since Uber and Lyft took over


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