Why You Don't Need To Be Perfect To Be Great

By James Dazouloute ---  Here Is Why you don't have to have all the gifts that your brother has, to make it.
Why You Don't Need To Be Perfect To Be Great

 And that is because in anything that you set your mind to, all it takes is for you to start with the very first step toward the accomplishment of your goals. And not waiting and having the perfect tools, or the perfect opportunity, or the perfect gift from the heavens. All because we all started out as something else, and will finish as something new, as something great, as something liberated, as something invincible and unconquerable. For You are the Beloved of God, and You were made in His image.

And so there is no denying you, and so there is no stopping you, and so there is no questioning your abilities, because you just can not fail. And all you have to do is begin where you're at with what you have, because that is just the way God wanted it. Yes He wanted you to start small and work your way to Big, start mediocre and work your way to perfect, start weak and unsure and work your way to strong and focus. For that is the way of life, for that is how you came into the world as a weak baby, mediocre, unsure, and even a little afraid. But that did not stop you from living life, from learning, from playing, from growing and becoming great.  
Why You Don't Need To Be Perfect To Be Great

Also, You must remember Beloved that Life is meant to be lived, and You must enjoy the experiences fully without placing them in a category of good experiences or bad ones. Because if you start doing that, then this is when you will start to feel hurt, pain, headaches and false happiness. And that is all because You are a Spiritual Being who came down in this physical world to have Experiences, also this is why you shed yourself of greatness and perfection, just so you could start from scratch and build up to something great, build up to the wonderful You, build up to being the very best, and build up a great eternal legacy that will forever echo all throughout eternity. So remember this, when you doubt yourself, remember that You don't need to be Perfect to be GREAT.

And so you must be great in your thinking when it comes to your goals, and so you must grow toward perfection. All because the achievement and the gratification will be so much sweeter if you started out with mediocrity along with very little. So begin today, so get it started right now, so take the first step toward greatness, so work your dream, so become the butterfly who will fly to the highest heaven and be known and seen by one and all. Because life, destiny along with the universe were all created to serve you, and it is all part of the great master plan why you were born small so that they could be tested for their servitude and loyalty to you, because soon you will step into your greatness.... Start Today Where You're At With What You Have... Your Life Advocate...


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James Dazouloute
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And If You Really Want The Secret Path And The Hidden Knowledge To Become GREAT, Then This Great Book Will Reveal That You Right Now: About Your Life... Master These 12 Areas And Become A God Of Success. 
Why You Don't Need To Be Perfect To Be Great

“About Your Life... Master These 12 Areas And Become A god Of Success”Was written Specifically For You, NOT TO JUDGE YOU, but
as The Ultimate Book About Life, that covers the 12 essential aspects of life that You absolutely must master, in order to navigate successfully in this life and physical dimension. And since You already know that the #12 is Divine, and is the ruling number in the Heavens and the Earth, such as: The 24 Elders (12x2), the 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 months of the year, 12 Grades to graduate High School, 12 Noon, 12 Midnight.... Then You can see how Vital this information is to You. And so I give to you 12 Chapters per Area, times 12 Areas Of Life, equal to a whopping 144 Chapters total.

And so in this Great Book, You will be able to master the 12 main areas of your life to become the greatest servant of Humanity, the most obedient son and daughter of God, as well become the most blessed person on Earth and in the Heavens. Additionally, you will be able to build an Eternal Legacy like all the Great Men and Women whom You have been learning about in all Your History Books, along with in all the Holy Scriptures.


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James Dazouloute
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And These 12 Chapters Are:

1.Your Spiritual Life To Be One With God, Since You Are A Spiritual Being Having A

Physical Experience.

2.Your Love Life To Live With Your Soulmate, Using Romance And Understanding To Have Love That Is Perfect, Only For You.

3.Your Health And Wellness Lifestyle To Be Free Of Cancer And Other Sickness,.

4.Your Business Life You Must Succeed In, So You Can Have The Resources You Need.

5.Your Legal Situations That You Face Everyday.

6.Your Shopping Needs For All Things Necessary And Luxurious, That Must Be Met While Saving.

7.Your Sports Activities To Keep You Strong And Entertained For All Your Life Events.

8.Your Animal Friends (Pets And Wild Animals) Who Are Depending On You.

9.Your Mother Earth To Live With In Peace, While Living Green.

10.Your Natural Disasters And Life Disasters To Overcome.

11.Your Philanthropic And Charitable Ventures To Build Your Legacy And Become Immortal.

12.Your Life Of Poetry and Arts, Using Words To Move The People In Your Life To Help You.


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James Dazouloute
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PAPERBACK VERSION.... Because there is no greater feeling than to hold a Book like this in Your Hands and connect with it to make notes, to flip the pages, to bookmark pages, to give as a gift of knowledge, and to place under your pillow so Your mind can retain all the new knowledge while sleeping:

So as You can see Beloved, these 12 aspects will complete Your life - Journey here on Earth
, as well completely align Your spirit – body - & mind with God 's Plans and Purpose. Also, this is a Book that was written to be Forever Green, and will be relevant to You and Your Bloodline for the next few hundred years. Additionally, this is a guide for You,

in order to be able to navigate and conquer like Columbus Did.

“About Your Life... Master These 12 Areas And Become A god Of Success” is a collection of My many writings that have been published and tested. And I have chosen within them, The Best Of The Best, that had the most readership, and that the majority of people were looking for this information.

And so I know that You will benefit greatly from this Book, and then You can go out and pass on Your new found knowledge to others, after You have applied it all in Your great life. Because then You will be empowered beyond measure, and You will attain success in all areas, not just have plenty of money, but plenty of love, friends, blessings, passion, creativity... And You already know that: With Great Power – Comes Great Responsibility. And So Your mission, should You choose to accept it, will be to enlighten others and become their Hero, just so that Your Legacy could become Eternal.

SO LET US BEGIN Right Now Beloved:

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James Dazouloute
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389 pages / 144 short chapters - 
 So You Know All The Great Things You're Getting:

Area One: 
Your Spiritual Life To Be One With God.

Chapter 1. Love God... But How Do I Get God To Notice Me?

Chapter 2. Thank You, How To Thank God For Your Spiritual Journey Here In This Physical Dimension.

Chapter 3. Who Is My God, Here Are 6 Names That You Can Begin To Know Him By

Chapter 4. Pray Always... But Why Should You Pray To God.

Chapter 5. Evil Spirits, And The Ways That They Affect Your Life

Chapter 6. Why Am I Here... Top 3 Reasons You Are On Earth.

Chapter 7. I Need God... And Here Is Why You Should Too.

Chapter 8. What Is Meditation... And How Does It Help Me Center My Life?

Chapter 9. What Is Life, And What Are The 7 Most Important Things To Live Life By?

Chapter 10. I Love You More Than Words Can Say, From God To You His Children

Chapter 11. The Seven Virtues, What Are They And What Do They Mean For My Spiritual Journey.

Chapter 12. How To Have Faith... Then You Must See How To Be A Repeater.

Area Two: 
Your Love Life To Live With Your Soul Mate.

Chapter 13. What Is Love... And How Do You Capture It For Life?

Chapter 14. What Is Interpersonal Communication, And How To Use It In All Your Relationships?

Chapter 15. Help With Love.... Well Here It Is In 3 Easy Ways.

Chapter 16. I Need Love... Here Is Why You Do So Bad.

Chapter 17. How To Find My Soul Mate... And Not Be Married To The Wrong Person?

Chapter 18. Love Teddy-bear, How To Love And Appreciate The Teddy-bear In Your Life.

Chapter 19. Inspirational Love, Why You Must Live By These 10 Inspirations Everyday To Keep Love.

Chapter 20. Unconditional Love... Is There Such A Thing In Life And Reality?

Chapter 21. 100 Reasons Why I Love You.

Chapter 22. I love You So Much It Hurts, And Why Is That?.

Chapter 23. Ways To Get Frisky... In 5 Easy Ways.

Chapter 24. New Year Resolution... Here Are 7 To Have Perfect Love.

Area Three: 
Your Health And Wellness Lifestyle To Be Free Of Cancer And Other Sicknesses

Chapter 25. What is Good Health... And How Do You Capture It. I Show You How In Under 5 minutes.

Chapter 26. Your Health... Why You Should Take Care Of It And Not Die Miserably.

Chapter 27. How To Be Healthy... 12 Very Best Ways To A Perfect Body

Chapter 28. Seven Chakras... Where Is Each One In Your Body And What Do They Represent?

Chapter 29. Signs Of Stress... Top Ten Signs That You And Your Health Are Under Great Stress.

Chapter 30. 7 Must Do New Year Resolution For Your Health.

Chapter 31. Help People With Cancer... Top 5 Ways Of People Helping People.

Chapter 32. Life In A Day, How To Plant Seeds Of Greatness In One Day In Ten Easy Ways

Chapter 33. Good Health, 7 Easy Tips For Healthy Living To Live A Long Life Free Of Sickness

Chapter 34. Tips For Healthy Living.

Chapter 35. Control Emotions, How Your Health Will Go Bad Without Dealing With These 6 Issues Of Emotions

Chapter 36. How To Be Healthy... Laws Of Health To Live By. 
Why You Don't Need To Be Perfect To Be Great

Area Four: 
Your Business Life You Must Succeed In.

Chapter 37. Need To Make Money, So What Are The Things That Are Stopping You?

Chapter 38. Money Talks... Let's See What The Band ACDC Has To Sing About It And Get Yours.

Chapter 39. Super Rich... Well You Can Be Accidentally.

Chapter 40. Money Is The Root Of All Evil... But Is It Really For Your Business.

Chapter 41. What Is A Businessman... And Are You One?

Chapter 42. Where Is My Money... Working For Somebody Else Or My Own Business?

Chapter 43. How To Build Wealth... Top 7 Ways To Do It Easily.

Chapter 44. Greed... What Is It And How Can It Bring Down My Business And My Life?

Chapter 45. Make Money Doing What You Love, And Prosper Greatly Beyond Your Dreams

Chapter 46. How To Be A Leader, And Get People To Follow You And Succeed Big.

Chapter 47. Team Leadership, How To Move A Crowd.

Chapter 48. Running A Successful Business... Just How Do You Do That?

Area Five: 
Your Legal Situations That You Face Everyday.

Chapter 49. What Is My Right... Within This Corrupt Legal System?.

Chapter 50. What Is Ethnocentrism, And What Legal Effects Does It Have Racially?

Chapter 51. Domestic Violence, How Do Police Deal With Family Violence And Domestic Disputes?

Chapter 52. Create A Will, Ways To Avoid Nightmares After Death.

Chapter 53. Bullied To Death... 4 Types To Watch Out For.

Chapter 54. How To Be Safe... Top 3 Ways To Never Be A Victim.

Chapter 55. What Is Abuse... And How Do You Recognize It.

Chapter 56. Bill Of Rights... Simple Way To Understand The First Ten Amendments.

Chapter 57. What Is Deadly Force... And How Does The Police Use It?

Chapter 58. Firearms Safety Rules, Ten Rules That Are Not Open For Discussions That You Must Follow

Chapter 59. Jury Trial, What Does That Mean And What Are The Steps Taken In A Jury Trial?

Chapter 60. Media Relations, How To Deal With The Media While On The Job And Off Duty?

Area Six: 
Your Shopping Needs For Necessary And Luxurious Things That Must Be Met While Saving.

Chapter 61. 5 Best Things To Always Do When Shopping.

Chapter 62. Shop For Valentine... With The Right Frame Of Mind And Heart.

Chapter 63. Holiday shopping, And The Best Ways To Save On Shopping.

Chapter 64. Preppers... How To Shop For Everything That You Love.

Chapter 65. Shop For Art, First Find Out Which Kind Of Art Buyer Are You.

Chapter 66. Recipes From Famous Restaurants, Easy Tips On How To Get Them Cheap

Chapter 67. Shopping For Life Insurance, What To Look For And Do I Need Life Insurance?

Chapter 68. Shop For Gifts... Top 5 That Your Loved Ones Will Truly Appreciate.

Chapter 69. Shop For Lover... For The Holidays.

Chapter 70. How To Save Tips, 25 Easy And Free Things You Can Do Today To Save A Lot

Chapter 71. Shop... How Not To Save Any Money When Shopping In 7 Easy Steps.

Chapter 72. 5 Best Things To Always Do When Shopping.

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James Dazouloute
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Area Seven: 
Your Sports Activities To Keep You Strong For All Life Events.

Chapter 73. Motivation... Here Is How To Get Motivated To Play Sports.

Chapter 74. Play Sports... To Be Healthy For Your New Year Resolution.

Chapter 75. This Is Unbelievable, If You Love Sports And Exercise Then You Have To Read How This Man Did 6000 Push – Ups Non Stop

Chapter 76. Build Big Muscles, Top 5 Things You Must Do To Do It The Right Way And Naturally

Chapter 77. Olympic Winners, How 5 Old School Olympic Winners Have Set The Mark For Our Current Heroes.

Chapter 78. How To Have Great Abs... So You Can Play All Types Of Sports.

Chapter 79. How To Have Energy... Top 3 Ways To Be The Best .

Chapter 80. Parents And Sports... Which Type Are You In Helping Or Hurting Your Children?

Chapter 81. Sports Hero... How To Reach That Status In 3 Easy Ways.

Chapter 82. Weightlifting.... Why You Should Do It To Be Better At Sports.

Chapter 83. Why Play Sports... And Not Just Watch The Athletes Playing?

Chapter 84. Greatness... Top 5 Ways To Be The Best At Playing Sports.

Area Eight: 
Your Animal Friends (Pets And Wild Animals) Who Depend On You

Chapter 85. Love Doves... See These Beautiful Birds...

Chapter 86. Snakes, Why Do We Fear And Respect These Creatures So Much?

Chapter 87. Animal Logos, See How 5 Animals Go Unappreciated By Companies Using Their Power And Nature To Succeed.

Chapter 88. Love Animals, The Warmth And The Great Joy Of Having Them Living With Us Here On Earth

Chapter 89. For The Love Of Dogs, Top 10 Things You Must Do If You Really Love Dogs

Chapter 90. Love Cats... These Top Ten Things You Must, Must Do For Them.

Chapter 91. Animal Spirit Guide, How To Get In Touch With Your Adviser And Protector In This Life.

Chapter 92. Animal Spirit...What Is My Power Animal?

Chapter 93. The Earth Is The Lord's... And The Fullness Thereof. See What You Must Do.

Chapter 94. Animal Right.... Top 3 Ways To Protect The Animals.

Chapter 95. Holiday Shopping, Budgeting Holiday Shopping For Your Pets

Chapter 96. 5 Greatest Things You Must Do For Your Pets As New Year Resolution.

Area Nine: 
Your Mother Earth To Live With In Peace.

Chapter 97. God Green Earth, How Did You End Up Making It Black Earth?

Chapter 98. The Rain... Why Do You Hate It Falling In The Big Cities ?

Chapter 99. Public Waste Disposal... Effects On Clean Earth.

Chapter 100. Sea Pollution... Why Are We So Bent On Killing Everything?

Chapter 101. How To Protect The Earth... Doing These 3 Quick Things Will Help.

Chapter 102. What Is Car Emission... And How Do They Affect Your Breathing?

Chapter 103. Green Energy Solutions... 3 Types To Use In Your Home.

Chapter 104. Saving The Environment, Why Do We Need To Protect Our Environment?

Chapter 105. Clean Earth Green Earth, And How To Participate.

Chapter 106. I Love Mother Earth... Or Are You Just Saying That?

Chapter 107. Mother Earth... Read Information About The Earth And Its Beginning.

Chapter 108. What Is Litter.. And How Does It Affect You And The Earth?  
Why You Don't Need To Be Perfect To Be Great

Area Ten: 
Your Disasters To Overcome

Chapter 109. Give Me Courage... See How Much You Need It To Face This Disaster.

Chapter 110. How To Prepare For Natural Disasters... 3 Ways That You Must Get Ready.

Chapter 111. Disaster Help... How To Overcome A Disaster Mentally.

Chapter 112. Top 6 Ways To Help Help Others After Disaster.

Chapter 113. Disaster Survival... What Is The Frame Of Mind To Be In?

Chapter 114. How To Prepare For Natural Disasters... With These 06 Steps.

Chapter 115. Be Prepared, 8 Quick Tips Of Things You Must Know To Save Yourself Before And After A Disaster.

Chapter 116. Disaster Survival... This Is Incredible How This Man Survived At Sea.

Chapter 117. How To Have Faith... Then You Must See How To Be A Repeater.

Chapter 118. Disaster... Here Is How To Survive It With Your Faith.

Chapter 119. Shop For. End Of The World (Maybe).

Chapter 120. Give Me Joy... Here Is How To Have It After A Disaster.

Area Eleven: 
Your Philanthropic And Charitable Ventures To Build Your Legacy And Become Immortal.

Chapter 121. What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate?

Chapter 122. People Helping People... That Is Charity And Philanthropy .

Chapter 123. Give Away Money... But Why Should You Help People?

Chapter 124. Save The World... Here Is Why Only You Can.

Chapter 125. How To Be A Philanthropist... Top 3 Qualities You Must Have.

Chapter 126. Give To Charity... And Be Remembered Forever.

Chapter 127. Give To The Homeless... But Without Judging.

Chapter 128. Why Do People Donate?

Chapter 129. Who Gives The Most Charity.... Not The People You Would Expect.

Chapter 130. What Is Goodwill... And How To Use It In Your Philanthropic Acts.

Chapter 131. What Is A Humanitarian... And How Do You Become One?

Chapter 132. What Is Compassion... And Here Is How You Can Show It Through Philanthropy.

Area Twelve: 
And Your Life Of Poetry and Arts.

Chapter 133. Where Is My Valentine… I Love You Poem.

Chapter 134. I Love You... If Only You Knew. A Love Poem.

Chapter 135. Get Money Money Money... A Poem.

Chapter 136. Mother Earth... I Love You. A Poem.

Chapter 137. I Give Myself Away... Says Mother Earth. I Love You Poem.

Chapter 138. Strongest Man In The World... A Poem.

Chapter 139. You are my medicine... I Love You Poem.

Chapter 140. I Love Shopping... A Poem.

Chapter 141. What Is Death... A Poem.

Chapter 142. Perfect Health... A Poem.

Chapter 143. I Need God So Bad... A Poem.

Chapter 144. Disaster... Why Do You Cause So Much Trouble? A Poem. 


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James Dazouloute
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