Where Do Broken Hearts Go When They're Sad

By James Dazouloute --- Where Do Broken Hearts Go, And Where Do they Get Heal???. And the answer to that question is a Journey that we must undertake,   
Where Do Broken Hearts Go When They're Sad
 for each Heart takes a different path and get heal in different ways. Since for some Love is an adventure, and for others just another necessity. We must Live Dear Friend, and Love makes you do that. So Again:
Where Do Broken Hearts Go? . And do they get repaired?.
Where Do Broken Hearts Go When They're Sad
Where do Broken hearts that Impact Dreams, Love, Futures, Marriages all end up?..
And Me, I tell You Dear Hopeless Romantic. Broken Hearts go to a place where God receives them personally for when you love and have your heart broken, you have actually just experienced Godship for He lives with this suffering himself each day for all the wrong we do to him. And this is why in Psalms 56:8, God tells you that He collects all your tears in a bottle. For, each one shed for a broken heart is a blessing awaiting you, since you have kept the greatest commandment of All, and learned the reason why the whole Universe was created. LOVE...  
Where Do Broken Hearts Go When They're Sad

And also I tell You: Never, ever give up on love. Pick your Armor of Love each day and keep on giving and protecting those you love, no matter what. Especially those who have broken your heart over and over by letting you down, those who were not on the same page as and even those who may have misunderstood you... You are a Celestial Love Being, You dropped into this lower dimension of Earth to give and experience Love each day. You wanted to give your love freely and especially to that person who does not deserve it, for that is where your real blessing lies...

And broken hearts get healed by reaching out and grabbing a hold of destiny, and they also get healed by knowing the greater the trials, then the greater the victories in love. Also broken hearts get healed, because it was God ordained. Since everything has to constantly be renewed, and so too must love. So too must hearts be refreshed and so too must life bring joy and smiles once again. We live life each day with the deep knowledge that all will be well, with the deep knowledge that love has too be tested to be purified, and definitely with the deep knowledge the sun will always rise in our hearts once again after every storm.
Where Do Broken Hearts Go When They're Sad


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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    We all had our hearts broken

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Always fun to fall in love, but hurts when love is lost