Recycle Reduce Reuse - Is How You Clean The Earth

By James Dazouloute --- Beloved You Must Recycle, Reduce and Reuse... All To Clean The Earth. And that is a goal that all of us should strive to do. Now I am not going harass you or 
Recycle Reduce Reuse - Is How You Clean The Earth
 make you feel bad for not doing enough, no my friend. For everything in life, no matter how big it is, always begin with small steps being preceded by education and sharing. So to clean up the earth is just a matter of being aware that it needs to be done at this point in time. Because we all have participated in our own way, in doing something to dirty up mother earth, and so now we must recycle reduce reuse.

Recycle Reduce Reuse... All To Clean The Earth. So to begin with, we must begin to recycle each and every time that we can, things like: Old appliances, old electronics, plastics, metals and all other things you can get your hands on.

Recycle Reduce Reuse - Is How You Clean The Earth
And to reduce, we must all begin to become aware of the amount of trash that we contribute the earth. And then we can take steps to reduce the amount of stuff that we buy, like: Foods that we don't end up consuming weeks after weeks, and we throw them away each time before grocery shopping. Or clothes that we buy and hardly wear, because we gained weight and end up throwing away. 

And then to reuse, we have to start thinking of how many new ways we can reuse some things before finally throwing them away. Things like: Card boards, after we buy electronics in them we can flatten them up and put in attic, and when it is time to move, then we already have our packing containers. Also opened envelopes, we can reuse them and make notes on, or we can use them as shopping lists before using notepads. As well, after watching a movie on DVD we can share it with our neighbors, or trade it in at movie stores and others can buy them. Also continue to reuse appliances if small parts cause them to break down, or repair our cars after we finish paying them off for at least another year or two. 
Recycle Reduce Reuse - Is How You Clean The Earth

So as you can see dear friend, it is quite easy for all us to join in and begin to clean up the earth. And that can be done with: Recycle reduce reuse, any and all items that we come across. And then there will not be any need for the extremists to try and shove their " Green Ideas " down our throat, and thinking that they are making a difference if they just corner us. 
Recycle Reduce Reuse - Is How You Clean The Earth




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