Little Big Secret To Losing Weight

By James Dazouloute --- Losing weight always seem to be an uphill battle for you, especially since your body has gotten comfortable with the excess weight it is carrying. 
Little Big Secret To Losing Weight
 And even though at the forefront of your mind you want to lose the extra weight, also even though the medical Doctors told you that you need to lose the excess weight or go on medication, but subconsciously you want to keep the weight. All because when you want something to happen, both the conscious and the subconscious mind must be in total agreement for the universe to help you make it happen. But if one wants it and deep down inside the other is saying no, then you are dreaming if you think it is going to happen. 

And you see this cause and effect every day, where if someone really, really wants something to happen for them in their life, then they always find a way to make it happen, also the universe will continually keep on presenting opportunities to them, along with placing certain difficulties in front of them, that they will have no choice but to go forward. And then you have those other kind of people who only talk about what they need to do, but are only talking from the mouth, and not from the subconscious. And so year after year, nothing happens. And they keep on making excuses as to why they could not shed the extra pounds, why this new year's resolution could not be reached, or how it is not the right time, or how it is their job that is too demanding, or how if only they could do this or not do that, then they would be in super great shape. 
Little Big Secret To Losing Weight

So I tell you all this Beloved, so you won't keep on falling into the same trap, of only verbally saying you want lose weight and never really wanting it deep down inside. And I know that you need extra help to accomplish your weight loss goals, and this is why I am here, because if you didn't need to laugh at your problems, if you didn't need the motivational help, if you didn't need help in taking things off your mind, then I wouldn't have built this site. So this is why today I am sharing with You 11 Funny Weight Loss Pictures, so you can laugh hard and burn calories at the same time, so you can have fun with the weight loss routine you are on and so you can stop associating weight loss, dieting and exercise with pain, sweat and being out of breath. Because losing weight and getting in shape and staying in shape, is all about having fun, about looking good, about pleasing yourself and taking care of your mind and body so you could bless others, and be made a god of kindness in the process. Your Certified Personal Trainer 
Little Big Secret To Losing Weight




  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    We all need to lose weight

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Keep functioning ,terrific job!


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