Life After Death.... Spiritual Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Life After Death.... Is so perfect and so wonderful, since Death is no longer my enemy but has now become just a vessel who carry me through back to my original life. A Perfect Spiritual Being. 
Life After Death.... Spiritual Poem

Yes Death has no stings, and can not cage me nor do me any harm. Ever since my Lord and my God Jesus Christ, Has conquered this one powerful enemy of mine and Has brought him to his knees. And the only reason Death was my enemy was due to my own fault of disobeying Our God.

And so life after Death is glorious, because I could not go back to the heavenly realms with this weak and inferior body. And so after Death has done me a favor, by laying down this shell of a body that my soul and my spirit have used as a shelter, home and tent. Then I can return to the heavenly realm and more precisely, back to God Throne Room to regain my place as Rightful Heir. 
Life After Death.... Spiritual Poem

I am but a Holy Prince of the Living God who went on a short journey to visit the earth, and since this place is so corrupted and vile, because Satan was given it for an age to reign, then I accidentally forgot for a vapor of a lifetime, just who I really am.

Oh Death my friend! Please come quick and carry me home, for you are the passage or middleman that I must go through just so I can return home. And you Death, are like an Airplane or a Space - Shuttle that I must use to go home.
Life After Death.... Spiritual Poem

Life after Death is invigorating and vibrant, as well as powerful. Since I can once again command Holy Angels in the Name of My Father – God to do my holy bidding. 

And after Death I will once again become perfect, I will once again become righteous, I will once again regain my place as Co – Creator with the Holy Trinity Godhead.

Life is simply marvelous after Death, for all the knowledge of the Universe will quickly return to me. And Wisdom will once again play at my feet, just like she does daily at My Father God's Feet.

Understanding will once again become one my best friends as we once were, and now that I have experienced trials and tribulations here on earth, then we will have so much more to talk about. 
Life After Death.... Spiritual Poem

Universe has missed me so much, for her and I used to work together so well when I used to speak my God and my King's Wishes to her, and she would instantly comply and bring forth fruit. Oh I can't wait for life after Death

The Holy Angels are begging for me to quickly finish out my mission here that The Father God Has given to me, just so I can be back once again flying in the heavens as Prince, and help run The Kingdom in a righteous and perfect way.

God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit are all waiting for me anxiously to return home through Death. As I was, and will forever be the twinkle in Their eyes, as well as Their pride and Joy. WOW! What a wonderful reign I will have in the life after Death. 
Life After Death.... Spiritual Poem



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    I love this poem and the pictures


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