It Is My Right To Love You... A Poem

By James Dazouloute ---- It's My Right To Love You every hour of every single day my wonderful love. And I have no problem enjoying my right to shower you with my love, 
It Is My Right To Love You... A Poem
 to kiss you every chance I get, to accept you with all your flaws, to be of service to your heart and wonderful body, to be turned on by you every day. And I take authority over my right to love you Baby, I am privileged to have this right and I am doing everything in my power to show you my appreciation for all the wonderful things that you make me feel. Oh where can I ever found another like you, and where would I ever get another Romantic Family like this? 
It Is My Right To Love You... A Poem

So thank You my love for having granted me this right, and thank you for making me part of your world, and thank you for giving me love to overflowing. And since I now have the right to love you, I want your heart to be mine forever, I need your body to caress mine and make beautiful music together. Oh My Love, did I thank you enough for the great sacrifice you have gone through to open your perfect heart to me? To put up with me every day? To admire me and make Me the greatest love of your life? Just In Case, I Love You Beyond Words, I am aroused with just a single thought of you, I am needy of your presence at all times of the day, I am your Baby for life, I am passionate about your kisses and I wait for another one, and another, every minute... 
It Is My Right To Love You... A Poem

Yes it is my right to love you with all my heart, it is my absolute right to admire you and adore you, and it is my perfect right to devote all that I am to you since you made me into the wonderful person I am today with: The ways you love me, with the romantic dinners you have with me, with the vacation you give to my problems every time you smile at me, with the food that you give to me in between your thighs, with the wonders of your deep need for me, with the amazing road to paradise that you have shown me. I So Love You Baby, I am so needy of you, I do not want to live without you, I am your sex slave my Love... And they are all my Rights... To Love You. 
It Is My Right To Love You... A Poem



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  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Why do we all have to fall in love?

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Love is for fools...


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