I love You So Much It Hurts, And Why Is That?

By James Dazouloute --- I love you so much it hurts, is usually a very true statement and yet a misunderstood one. I love you so much it hurts is a breaking point in our love life,  

when we totally give ourselves to the relationship and to  the person we love. And we make ourselves vulnerable to all the  benefits and damages of love. But why is that dear friend?. Why do we hurt so much out of our love, good and bad?. I intend to explore and share with you the reasons why in this article and help you be in the knowing and understanding of what you are feeling.

First thing to know when you say I love you so much it hurts, you have just attained god-ship status. For the whole world was created out of great love, and great martyrdom has been achieved due to this highly elevated unconditional love. You have just opened up your  whole essence, your whole being and your higher self to give  unconditionally and to bare all from your heart to that person.  Congratulation for ascending to the highest form when you love so much that it hurts.

Second thing is to make sure that you correctly pass through or  transfer your deep love and sentiments to the person you love in  the right ways. And one of the first reason why I love you so much it hurts is , we sometimes are not on the same page as the other  person. If it is to be done it is up to me, is one of the truest statement ever. You have to communicate your deep love to your lover and ensures  that they understand fully how and why you love them so much it hurts. Because frustration is the number one cause why I love you so much it hurts happen.

Another reason is you my friend expect too much out of the other person, and that is why " I love you so much it hurts ", is a true statement. You have to understand there is no guarantee in love. Just look at God and how much we are loved, how much we are protected and how much we are provided for and yet, do we return that love and do we  ever say thanks at all times?. So please, you have finally open up your heart fully, and are letting your great love pour out and just come to  the point to know that you have the power, because you chose to give this much love before it was ever asked of you. So do not expect too much back, give love because this is you. And if there is one thing you can count on more than death is that, people will always let you down every day of your life. Do love a lot until it hurts.  

Another aspect of why " I love you so much it hurts " is, that most of us do not understand love. And if the person you are with do not understand this then you are doomed to suffer. It is not entirely their fault, for how can they if they have never known love, never felt it, never been shown love and they have never tried to experiment with deep love. Because they  probably thought that this kind of thing only happens in books, fairy tales, or legend. And they may even think that great love is only for someone else and never for them. So how do you take on a heart like this, and how do you transform the mind of your lover?. By being patient with your  mountainous love and ocean of feelings. Look at your Father who art in heaven and how patient he has been.

Fifth reason why I love you so much it hurts is you my friend. Yes you, you give too much too soon. This supernatural deep level of love that you have in your perfect heart is reserved for years of companionship, and growing together along with evolving into complete soul mates. You have to learn to dispense your love in measurements, and fill your lover up slowly. Otherwise you will scare them, confuse them and ultimately push them away. Because after you open up this great love of yours and are letting it out, they will start backing away because it is new to them, and the more they back away the more forward you advance, and you see where I am going with this?.

It is said when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And you can not pour love into a vessel that is already full of confusion, hurt, betrayal, ignorance and misunderstanding. Help them to help you.

So to put this all together for " I love you so much it hurts ", you must  meditate on you, your heart and your lover. All 3 have to be in harmony,  so that great love could flow. You have to work with them on their heart  to help them empty their vessel and teach them to understand. And you have to be the master, and for further help on how to, along with tips and ideas look around in my website and see all that is available to you, and click on anything that picks your interest to learn more. Be a better lover today For you love so much it hurts.

Why We Love People Who Hurt Us:


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Love always hurt us all. Why?

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    So much love, yet so much pain to go around

  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Love hurts because human beings are liars


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