How To Win N Never Lose Again

By James Dazouloute --- You have this very hard life that God, His Universe and Destiny have placed in front of you to live, but they all never told you, in all truths, that Life is just a game. 
How To Win N Never Lose Again... SEE HOW:
  A game to test your character, a game to see how ethical you can be, a game for the Powers That Be to see  what you can do when the odds are heavily against you.  And so you are left to fend for yourself, but they are all up there in the Heavens, and around you watching your every move, and every once in a while they will throw you a lucky bone, so you won't end up getting so discouraged where you have to commit suicide. And they can't have that, because if you die before your time, then they get no glory. And so because of that you have to win, also because for each great thing that you accomplish down here in this harsh life, it gets recorded in the annals of Heaven or the Akashic Records, so your deeds can be remembered forever. But just how do you win at this game called Life?

For how to win and never lose again, you must always, always have the right mindset. And by that I mean you must never, or start  to view yourself as a victim for all the things that are happening in your life. Because God, His Universe along with Destiny do not hate you, as I have told you many times before. And so you must look at things as what was supposed to happen at that very moment, and the fact that you are still alive and breathing, then that means you have the opportunity to face this challenge and fully overcome it and then win every time. All because for each situation that you are faced with, God had already given you the skills that you would need to deal with it successfully, but the problem is you develop Tunnel Vision. Yes tunnel vision, because when a challenge comes your way, you just see it as the only thing going on in your life in that tunnel of yours and that you are trapped inside that tunnel and can't get away from it. But that is not true, because it is only your view or your mindset. And so you must change your mindset or tunnel vision, instead see every challenge or situation as an opportunity to show your greatness, to demonstrate your skills  and to get another notch on your belt of fame and glory. 
How To Win N Never Lose Again... SEE HOW:

Kind of like when you used to be in school, and the Teacher took great time to teach you about a subject, then gave you stuff to read to expand your knowledge about that subject, and that Teacher even created group study sessions for you and your classmates. And then when you were fully ready, that Teacher "or Life" gave you a test to see just how much you learned, as well give you a chance to show off your knowledge among your peers, and gain fame among them now as well for years to come as you attend higher learning and are able to show your great grades. And at that moment you did not become scared, nor did you have tunnel vision and thought that you were trapped. Instead you rose to the occasion, you took the test and carefully answered each question. And then afterward the results came in and you found out you had passed with a score for 100 out of 100. And then the Teacher recognized you, also your classmates padded you on the back, and your grades were recorded by the Teacher and into the school records. And then later when you attended you showed that grade as proof that you are smart and that you know how to win. So ask yourself is Life any different than this?

Well Beloved living Life and how to win it is not that different, because God, Life, His Universe along with Destiny, all love you and want you to succeed in life, as well they want you to build a Legacy down here and in the Heavens, also they want you to create fame and get plenty of glory from your human brothers and sisters as well from the Angels. And so this is why you must change your mindset and stop seeing things that are happening as inside a tunnel, but as a great opportunity for you to show off your skills, your gifts, your passion, your wisdom and then you will also have the opportunity to pass the test, to have Glory, just like God gets everyday. 
How To Win N Never Lose Again... SEE HOW:

Another thing before I go, for how to win and never lose again in life, you must stop giving up all the time. Because as long as you keep on giving up, you will never succeed at anything. And it's like a Boxer who gets knocked down by a half punch, and yet he gives up and refuses to get up during the count, do you think this Boxer will ever become the heavyweight champion of the world? Of course not, because he is out of the game for life. And so are you when you give up in life, when things get a little hard because you have a Victim Mindset, and I can't tell you how many times you have given up when you were just an inch away from accomplishing your goal, from overcoming this challenge and from winning in life. And I tell you this Beloved, because in my younger years I have given up a few times when I was just an inch away from winning, from solving the problem, from graduating and from mastering that situation. 
How To Win N Never Lose Again... SEE HOW:

And so don't give up until you win, don't stop until you reach your goal, don't accept anything less but success - fame and glory. All because you were not born to lose, you are here as a Child Of God and all powers and authority have been given you in the Heavens to rule the world and the universe. And so you must take authority over your life and then everything you touch will turn to gold, and all you have to do is control your mindset and don't give up. Also use your mouth or the power of the tongue which has been given you as an invincible gift, in that it has power over life and death to speak great things into your life, to speak success your way, to speak wisdom and for answers to come to you in all that you face. And then you will see things happen the right ways for you, and then you will hear  that unknown voice (Your Higher Self) whisper to you: Hey turn here, Hey do that, Hey lift this, Hey try that.... All because once again, God, His Universe along with Destiny all want you to live gloriously in the image of God as you were created. 
How To Win N Never Lose Again... SEE HOW:




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