How To Restore Your Stolen Identity

By James Dazouloute --- To understand how to Restore Your Stolen Identity I will play out a couple of scenarios for you: 
Restore Identity In  3 Easy Steps
 What would you do if the police pulled you over right now and said you have a warrant out for you because you have a "canceled license" along with some unpaid parking tickets? and you never got a ticket in the past 10 years, what do you do? 
You get into a bad car accident and have broken a few bones and bleeding badly. They  rush you to the hospital and when you get there, the doctors check your I. D. and see you're  “ AB+ “ blood type after checking the medical data bureau. But in reality you are A- blood type and now you're getting the wrong blood pumped into you. All because 1 or 2 years ago someone stole your medical file and used it to get insurance or medicaid, and they updated your file with their blood type when they went to the hospital. What do you do? 

Who can help you Restore Your Stolen Identity?  And how do you begin to even find out who did it? 

First step in Restoring Your Stolen Identity is, you would need to monitor yourself, say: 
1- Your credit info., 
2- Your driver's license info., 
3- Your social security number info., 
4- Your medical info. 
5- Your character / criminal info. 

Or you can hire a company  to monitor not just one but all of these for you at the same time.

 Second step in Restoring Your Stolen Identity is ,you need to know exactly when one or  more of these areas mentioned above have been tampered with and immediately.  Again, you can start investigating yourself or you can hire investigators ,and or you can  have a company to do it for you. 

Third and most important step of all 3 steps you need to start working at Restoring Your  Stolen Identity, is to begin at that time, if not in jail because of a warrant or in the Hospital dying because of wrong blood being pumped into you, to try to start contacting  the Department in charge of that area of your life; by getting a police report 1st. and foremost. And then go stand in line at that department or the courthouse, and to begin  the process of trying to convince one and all that you are not that person with your  name and information.

And also you will have to pay fines, lose days at work, and investigate who did commit the crime. Or you can hire a lawyer to do it at $5k to  $10,000; or you can get a membership or insurance before, so then when it does  happen, the Restoration Of Your Stolen Identity will be handled for you.  Identity theft does happen in all 5 categories mentioned above, and is the only  crime where you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. And any company can monitor your credit, and that's all they do. But what about  your Driver's license, Social Security, Medical File, and Background?. Can they monitor all those as well, alert you, and then hire investigators to restore all of them for you?. No. So Be Sure To Look For All These 5 Things When Picking A Company To Protect And Restore Your Identity.



  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    None of us need our identity to be stolen

  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Identity theft ruin so many lives