How To Love Like The Butterflies

By James Dazouloute --- Butterflies are the freest of Animals, and what they can teach You about Love is tremendous, since they are not caged in, they are not tied down, they are not greedy and possessive, 
How To Love Like The Butterflies
 nor are they obligated to remain in a control environment.  So this is why you must learn from the Butterflies and apply that knowledge in your love relationship Beloved. Because if you don't, then you are doomed to fail, doomed to keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over, doomed to not only being miserable but making other people lives miserable as well. So this is why you must take the time and go out in your flower garden today, or anywhere there are Butterflies, and observe their calmness, observe their free spirit, pay attention to their stress free life, look at how they don't need much to be happy, see how they allow their wings to take them to the best place for them, observe how gentle they are, make note of how graceful they are, remark how beautiful the Butterflies are in body and in spirit, pay attention to the fact that they beautify any area they land on and not cause drama, look at how they enjoy what is natural and are not forcing what is not for them in their lives, and see how they love to be free so they can contribute more to the world.... 
How To Love Like The Butterflies
And These Are The Ways You Must Be In Love, In Your Life, In Your Personality, In Your Actions And Must Be In Your Belief System If You Want To Be Joyous, Peaceful, Happy, Loved, Prosperous, Wonderful, Kind, Gentle, Loving, Contributing, Attracting, Romancing, Dancing And Sharing All That Are Great And Perfect About You.... Learn N Do, Learn N Make Happen, Learn N Giveaway, Learn N Love, Learn N Let Be Free.  Then you will make it in love, then you will not keep causing mental death, spiritual death, physical death, drama death, gossip death, cheating death, player death... Every relationship you get into. Learn From The Butterflies Beloved!!!!. Remember, you can only allow a Butterfly to settle on your hand gently just life Love, if you try to hold on tightly to the Butterfly you will destroy its wings just like love ...
How To Love Like The Butterflies
How To Enjoy Butterflies For Relaxation..




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  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Butterflies are very romantic


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