How To Deal With Depression In 3 Ways

By James Dazouloute --- Dealing with Depression is not some great mystery that you can't find the answer to, even though most people seem to make it a big deal. But in all honesty I tell you Beloved that all you need to do are these 3 simple things, and here they are:
How To Deal With Depression In 3 Ways

Spend Time With Your Pet.
For how to deal with depression and when you are depressed, beside a medical doctor, no other being on earth can feel your pain and share your energy like your pet. Because they have a sixth sense and therefore can know when things are wrong with you. Just like Police dogs can smell for drugs, can hunt people by smell, and it is even said that some dogs can sniff for illnesses like Cancer. But when it comes to your depression and you don't feel like doing anything, just let your pet lay on your lap  and you will see it staring up at you, and just lay there with you for as long as you like. And by you seeing them loving you so much to just lay there and not run their mouth like people would do in trying to tell you to snap out of it, then that alone will motivate you to get up and go do something with them, since they need you so much, thereby helping you with your depression. 
How To Deal With Depression In 3 Ways

Explore your faith. 
Whatever the mind fully believes, the body will do. Plain and simple. So this is why your faith in your God is super important. Also when your mind focus on things and activities in the spiritual realm, then your priorities quickly change from worrying about what is going on with you down here, to what is happening up there by the mighty powers and what they are doing in your life to help you, to encourage you, to protect you and to deliver you. And once your mind fully believes that you are well loved by God, then you will begin to feel happier, your body will be energized, your mind will think better and you will begin to move from a state of depression to a state of gladness, of greatness, of accomplishment, of fulfillment... 
How To Deal With Depression In 3 Ways

Start A blog. 
To talk about issues, and by helping others you are going to help yourself. But be careful not to expect a million people or so to rush to your Blog for what you are writing about, because if it doesn't happen, then that may push you into deeper depression. Just know that the Internet is a place where you post something positive and helpful today, and it will serve you for many years to come, since people will always be looking for what you are talking about year after year. And I can tell you in truth, that for me, when I post a positive article online, I quickly forget about it 2 months later as I am busy writing more and more positive stuff. But as I happen to look at my stats a few months later, it will always surprise me that one of those social medias where I had shared that article, or the search engine where I submitted it, either one or both will send a few thousands of visitors about that post a few months later. Especially on Site like Stumbleupon, where people are always stumbling for stuff, and then you will feel a great satisfaction as having helped others and that will help your self esteem. But your self-esteem should come from knowing that in your Blog, you are writing about things that can help people and not trying to destroy them with encouragement to have too much sex, or to take bad drugs, or to steal or lie etc... But you are helping them to turn their life around, to make their lives better, to try many tips on how to get out of depression, on how to find happiness in little things, on how to get closer to their faith, on how to have goals daily to accomplish small things. And all of these things will help them and will help you as you will find joy in helping others and by doing that you will be helping yourself. 
How To Deal With Depression In 3 Ways

How To Deal With Depression...




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    We all have to help others who are depressed


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