How Much Money You Need To Be Happy

By James Dazouloute --- Money is "Thee" universal resource that we all need to survive in this modern world, since we can not walk or get on a horse to travel 10,000 miles to Japan,   
How Much Money You Need To Be Happy... SEE:
  so we have to use money to pay to fly there. Or since we can not walk 30 miles to get to work we have to use money to buy a car to get there and even a horse could not take us 60 miles a day without needing rest, food, water, new horseshoes etc... Or we can not build our own house by hand and build the air conditioning and heating system. 

So again we have to use money as a resource to pay the companies who built them and buy those things from them. And let's not forget about food and water, because we don't live in the jungle, so we don't have access to a fresh water source, nor can we just go out and grab mangoes, avocados, chicken, vegetables, pigs etc... So once more, we need money to get food and water for our survival, our growth and our good health. But Just How Much Money Do You Really Need. Or For That Matter How Much Does It Take To Get You To Be Happy And Not Stressed About It? 
How Much Money You Need To Be Happy... SEE:

Well there is a study that has been done that shows just how much money in each State of the U.S. that you have to make in order for you to reach a level of happiness. A 2010 Princeton study by Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton, which found that at the national level, making on average more than $75,000 per year won't significantly improve your day-to-day happiness. And that amount is per household and not just one person, because you must remember that the more money you go out and try to make, the more stress you will encounter, the more headaches you will have to deal with, and the more responsibilities will be placed upon your shoulders. 

And you already know this Beloved, when you used to make just enough money to cover your bills and have a little bit of money left over to put in your savings, you were as happy as can be, and you could look forward to your days off. And now that you are making 3 times the amount you need to live on as an Executive, your job requires you to work about 70 hours per week on salary. Or if you are running your own business, you are putting in about the same 70 hours per week and losing sleep, to make sure everything is running just right and that you are acquiring new businesses. So today, this news article will help you to see, depending on the State you live in, just how much money it takes to be happy and live comfortably. 
How Much Money You Need To Be Happy... SEE:



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