How I Love You Forever.. A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Love is magical when you are with me in my arms, and yet Love is also fantastic when you are not around me since you are within me,
  since your love flows within my veins, since your heartbeat is felt within my heart and your thoughts are solidly entrenched inside my head. Oh my sweet love, oh love of my life, how I love you forever.

Yes my sweetheart, I do love you forever. Yes my heaven, I do feel so amazing just with your love always surrounding me, I do feel so needed with every thought you spend on me, I do feel so wonderful when your precious lips is touching mine, and I am forever in love with your eyes that look at me with such admiration and with such trust. So Yes My Sweet Love, how I love you forever.

I love you my love, I love you my dearest, I love you my precious gift, I love you my greatest accomplishment, I love you my sweet joy, I love you with all the passion within my loins, I love you with open arms, I love you so greatly, I love you with every strength of my bones, I love you with each minute that I look into your eyes, I so love you with each night that I get to hold you just one more time and I love you with all my hopes and all my dreams...  All because God gave me the most wonderful gift of all time, YOU! 

Oh my love, you are my greatest accomplishment. And I am so happy that you are with me, that you are next to me, and I am overjoyed just to hear you say I Love You each day and forever. Because from the day I met you, your sweet love became my reason to live, it became my necessity and my passion that all drive to become the very best lover I could be to you. And because of all this, I now fully realize just How I Love You Forever my P..

Oh God, Oh Angels, Oh Demons, Oh Humanity even! Do you all see? Can you all witness just how much I love my sweet baby? Can you all see that no matter what, my baby will always be loved by me. And can you all understand that she is all that I need, all that I must have and all that I run to and go after each day? All because I fully understand and gladly share with the  world this one sweet and sincere devotional: How I Love You Forever. Amen!

Love is forever. Love is does not care about distance. Love is perfect when two are in love. Love is amazing when it is expressed. Love is pure when there is trust. Love is admirable when it is understood. Love is You my sweet love. Oh How I Love You Forever... A Poem.

Right And Wrong Way... Keith Sweat



  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I love falling in love. But always comes problems

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Great Poem


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