Fun Ways To Shop For Your Sweetheart

By James Dazouloute ---  Shop For Love and everything associated with it, because now that you have finally met someone and are having a great romance, 
  you must get the little things that matter the most to show your Love Teddy Bear just how much you appreciate the fact that you have been chosen to receive their gift of love, gift of time as well as gift of companionship. Amazingly enough, as many bad habits as you have, and as moody and intolerable as you have been lately, and then let's not forget that you are very picky when it comes to finding someone. So now is your chance for you to show your deep appreciation, as well as these many other reasons:

So you shop for love because you must show to that great Partner of yours that you want to be important in their life, and that you are here to stay. 
And you must first find out all the little things that this partner of yours like, and please do not fret since this is not about you, and so what he or she likes may not be something you would ever get for yourself. Also remember that opposites do attract, and the fact that you are shopping for a partner who is different from you is what makes things so exciting. So go ahead and get them that great video game that they are into, get her that wonderful perfume that she loves to wear, or get that guitar that he has been wanting to play with. Or even take her for that Pony ride that she has been fantasizing about ever since a little girl. Because that's your partner, and now you are playing your part. 

Another reason to shop for love, because you want to melt the heart of your Lover. 
And since you have finally found your soul mate, it is now time to splurge on these wonderful flowers that is guaranteed to be so beautiful and last for a couple of weeks. Then you can take pictures of it all, and that way the souvenir will last for a lifetime. And your goal for your soul mate is for you to burrow your way into their heart deeper and deeper, and become the most important person in their entire universe. And it is up to you just how much effort you put into that love relationship, so you can forever remain fresh in their heart and mind. And there is one great thing that you must know about love, it needs water and sunshine at all times. Because that great thing you did yesterday, and even that wonderful sacrifice that you made 6 months ago is now way in the back of the mind, for that's the way it is with human beings. And soon they will be asking you: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

An additional reason to shop for love: It's A Mandate From Heaven. 
And you must never let your sweet love out-give you, and out-do for you, as well out-taking-care of you, and definitely never let him or her  out-romance you. Because you never want the other person to feel like you are just a Taker, and that you never give back or try to show appreciation in return for all that you receive. So live by your Mandate and start to take care of everything that the other person needs, and as much as it is within your budget, do become creative and get for them all the sweet romantic little things that you know they would enjoy. Also don't forget to shop for things that you both could enjoy together, like a romance trivia, like sexy clothes to go to bed in, or a great video conferencing for the times when you are apart. So be as creative as possible.

So shop for the love of your life, shop to your heart's content. But most  importantly shop with a purpose in mind, and that is because Love is fleeting and if you want to capture it, then you must give it all you got... 

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