7 Tips To Save Money Buying Healthy Foods

By James Dazouloute --- Healthy weight loss foods are vital if you want to have a completely healthy lifestyle, and you have to dedicate yourself to good, 
How To Buy Healthy Foods... SEE HOW:
  wholesome meals. You my friend are bombarded everyday with negative and depressive thoughts about what to do with your health. So healthy weight loss foods is an ideal place for you to start on your journey. And with that I ' ll say: congratulations my health partner, you have decided not just to go on a diet or begin an exercise program, because your doctor said you had to or it will be surgery. 

But you have made a conscious decision to live a healthy lifestyle by combining: a diet, watching what you eat; developing an exercise program, to burn fat and tone up; and also a new eating habit of healthy foods and nutrients, to keep you truly healthy for life. Bravo! Now how do you keep from overspending and losing your house when buying  weight loss foods or healthy foods to stack up your refrigerator. I am going to share with you 7 tips to save you money when buying weight loss foods for your new everlasting lifestyle.

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Tip one to save you money on buying weight loss foods is: 
Stay away from the commercialized food mills that you see on T. V. where they hire athletes, models and superstars who have millions, to tell you " order your foods because they have". So sure they have ordered their complete meals 3 x a day at $15 a meal, or $315 a week in meal. They have millions to afford it and are getting paid more millions for their face, and they get their meals for free. These weight loss mills are the most expensive on the planet.

Second tip to save you money is: do not go to healthy food stores 
For your weight loss foods and pay their super high prices on top of  burning your gas. There, they know that only they have that kind of healthy food in your area, and because they do not have the same amount of customers as PUBLIX or B J ' s, then their buying power is diminished so they charge you to the hilt. 

Third tip on buying weight loss foods.
Do not, I repeat do not join one of those weight loss programs online or on T. V. They will always put their smallest, basic prices in their ads. And after you join up, you could never buy just " vegetable rice ", they will have a section explaining to you why this and that are not enough. And there goes the cycle of forever spending your hard earned money.

Tip number four to save you money: 
Now that I told you what not to do in  the first 3 tips, now in the next 4 I will show you better ways to shop for your weight loss foods. So, go to local farmer' s markets, vegetable and grain stores along with local fruit markets, there you can walk - in with $150.00 and shop a pushing cart full of food for 2 weeks for a  family of 4, and there is usually no tax. At those markets you can buy the best fresh foods ever such as: fresh greens, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh grain, brown rice, etc. 

Tip 5 of saving money: 
All will have a healthy food section, because they are trying to get into the health food market. They will have great sales once a month on top of their low competitive prices already. look for them each time you shop. 

   Tip 6 on buying weight loss foods: 
Buy in bulk when shopping, whether in physical stores like the local farmer's market or online, you will always save more. Look for clearance items and close to expiration date items, and those will be the first healthy foods you consume and leave the other ones for later. And buy on weekends, as most stores online and physical, will put their sale ads out during the week to attract you to shop on your days off.

Tip 7 and best way to save money on weight loss foods: 
Shop online at health food stores, like true-green, nature's way. 
And for the very best deals, go through an Online Shopping Mall each time, and there you can effectively compare about 70 - 100 health food stores prices and be in  a superior position. Those Online Shopping Malls are win win. They  bring you a lot of food stores under one website, and they already made arrangement with these 70 - 100 health stores to give their shoppers extra discount, each time you go through them - not to the store directly, on top of the sales these health food stores are already having. So Start Saving Money Today All While Getting Healthy. 

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