6 Emotions You Must Control For Perfect Health

By James Dazouloute --- Because your emotions are the core of your being, and they are what drive you to do anything in any situation. 
6 Emotions You Must Control For Perfect Health
  For if you see a Child being abused, then your negative emotions will rise up inside you and cause you to take actions to protect that Child. On the other hand, if someone that you Love bring you some flowers, then your emotions cause you to smile and feel very loved and appreciated.

You my Friend, are an emotional being. You are made in the exact Image of God, and He is a Loving God but also a Wrathful God, depending on what you do to serve Him or how you cross Him by offending and abusing your brothers and sisters. And you are the same way, for think back on how you showered your Loved ones with gifts when they pleased you, and how you dealt with them when things were not as good. But – Emotions are some strong forces, and they can drive you to do insane things that may cause you to go to Jail, lose your life savings, lose your marriage, Job, along with your Health. So today this is what we will address in exposing 6 issues that are extremely important in dealing with, controlling and Reigning over your emotions. 
6 Emotions You Must Control For Perfect Health

First issue in controlling your emotions is to Feel.
Feel what the emotions are, let them course through your body and your mind. All because you have to identify what the emotions are for, and where in your life do they fit. I reiterate, you must allow the emotions to run their course so you understand why they are here. Is it because of a mistake you've made, is it a game you were running and you got caught in your own game, or was it someone who pulled a gun on you and robbed you of your dignity?. Identify the Emotions.

Second Issue To Deal With is Acknowledgment.
You have to acknowledge the emotions because they are here. And you must show them respect because if you don't they will only bury themselves deep inside you for years to come, and will damage you. And then you will find yourself Acting Out by doing a bunch of stupid things, and all because your emotions are all bundled up and twisted like the Roots of a Tree that has grown 100 feet tall. No my friend, acknowledge what those emotions are for and deal with them right then and there. For example if you're mad that you got fired from your job, and it's because of stupid things you have done at work, then begin dealing with the emotions by writing down what you will not do or allow to happen in the next job and set barriers to safeguard you. 
6 Emotions You Must Control For Perfect Health

Fourth Way To Deal With Your Emotions is Communication.
You must communicate your emotions by either talking out loud with yourself, or to a Therapist, or to a Trusted loved one ( be careful on that one, for one day you and that person will have a disagreement as well, and that day they very well may bring back how you were on that day ). Or you Can do the very best thing and begin praying to your GOD, and communicate with Him about what has happened to you. Then a Peace and Calmness will come over you.

Fourth Issue is Reassurance.
Now that you've dealt with the first 3 issues and have felt the emotions, acknowledge them and communicated them; now you must start to becoming Confident that now you understand those emotions fully, and they are not buried somewhere like a poison to come up and destroy you.

Fifth Step in controlling emotions is Certainty.
You must be certain that you can move forward from this emotion and that it will no longer be capable of affecting your health like with: High blood pressure, depression, sickness, headaches, nightmares and regrets. You have to be certain that you know what to do from what you've written down and the  barriers that you have set on what to look out for next time.  

How To Control Your Emotions..

Final And Sixth Step Is Taking Action.
Taking action is the greatest step because it will allow you to fix yourself up. And we all have had bad things happen to us like: A death, loss of money, family betrayal, gossipers, and people who just defame your good Name. And so you don't want to become a recluse  and bury your emotions. No, again take action in following through and apply the steps so you move forward. Oh, and along the way do work on you, on your bad habits, your temperament, your weaknesses. Remember to Manage your weaknesses by bringing them under control, and Improve on your Strength by growing as an individual and renewing your mind  At – All – Times.... 
6 Emotions You Must Control For Perfect Health




  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Our emotions sometimes get the best of us

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I love when someone feels emotional when they see you


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