5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

By James Dazouloute --- How To Sell Art, 5 Quick Tips To Make Great Money is an easy thing for an Artist to do. As soon as you begin to understand the kind of buyers you're looking to attract, 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly
and there are 3 basic types: The Collector, has a love for art but not a compelling schedule to buy it.The Investor, definitely has an exit strategy and outcome objective in mind when he buys art. And The Dealer, business is buying and selling paintings, and brokering art transactions. 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

And before we begin with the 5 quick tips, let us make sure you know what not to do: How not to sell art... 
Act important, especially if you've had or are currently having a show at a museum or gallery. Be a legend in your own mind. No matter what your resume looks like, believe that your art is "world class." Better yet, refer to your art as World class.  Act incredulous around people who don't know who you are or aren't familiar with your Art.  Don't price your art at shows, openings, in your studio, or online; since forcing people to ask how much your art costs eliminates potential buyers who, for whatever reasons, feel uncomfortable asking. When a potential buyer is fortunate enough to locate or recognize you and ask a price, try to figure out how much they can afford to spend, and then quote that dollar amount. Make sure half of your art still sits on the floor or leans against the walls, waiting to be hung, as your gallery show opens. 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

So with that said: 
Very First Tip is to try To Write or have someone Write about your work. 
For writing about your art helps you get clarity on how to present yourself, and it also gives you a place to talk about who you are and why you do what you do. In addition, if people like your stuff (or if they hate it) it will get shared around the web, giving you a wider reach and voice. Guest blogging on other people’s sites is an amazingly effective way of reaching a new audience. 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

Second Tip For Selling Art: Create a Website or a Free Blog. 
And Remember to tell your audience what to do is really important. If you get someone to your page, they need to know where to go. If you want them to buy your art, tell them to click here and state that they can pay via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or in some other way. Simply adding those buttons can increase your sales. And Never post someone's picture on the Internet without their permission. Additionally, don't post artwork you intend to sell on the Internet; it's too easy for thieves to copy it. The only exception is if the art is a commission, in which case wait to post it until after you have been paid for it. In either case, it might be safer to deface the online version in some way, just in case. 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

Third Quick Tip is For You To Enter competitions. 
Use any honors and awards you receive to net publicity and greater exposure for your work.Ask the owners of cafes, shops and restaurants if they'd be interested in displaying your art. Offer a small commission from any resulting sales. Also consider buying a stall at local art fairs and shows
Fourth Tip is To Sell yourself to the gallery owner. 
Be able to discuss your work convincingly and clearly, including how it's created and why it will appeal to clientele. Be prepared to take a big financial hit for gallery visibility. Most take a 50 percent cut of the retail price. And so you must price your Art accordingly, if it is work of great quality. 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

Finally, To Make Great Money is to Sell Your Art at Fairs and Shows. 
Because They provide an opportunity to ring up sales and find new customers at little cost and no overhead. Typically, shows charge just a few hundred dollars for a booth and allow artists to enjoy big markups on the work they create--profits they don't have to share with a gallery or store owner. But making money at fairs and shows isn't as easy as it seems. It requires research, planning and the ability to keep a smile on your face while standing on your feet for long hours. And that's not for everyone. To be successful at shows, you need to have a retail personality . 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly

In conclusion my Friend, you must understand that Art is valuable for three reasons: (1) superior quality, (2) rarity, and (3) scarcity. Which One Does Your Art Fall Under?. And there are also 3 Types of Art ( Again, Which one is yours?.): 1. Decorative Art, is known as "furnishing pictures," and is often used for decorating purposes. 2. Collectable Art, suggests that someone else also collects the same artwork . 3. Investment Art, will always increase in value. High caliber, well-listed artists generally create investment quality paintings. 
5 Tips To Selling Art Quickly



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How To Sell Your Art Quickly...


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