3 Ways To Prepare For A Disaster

By James Dazouloute ---- Preparing for a disaster... That call for action alone, is enough to have you living your life in fear. Since the word disaster has associated with it:
3 Ways To Prepare For A Disaster
    Pain, blood, suffering, loss of all, death and so on. And this is why most people do not want to think about disasters such as F5 Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions among many. Also this is why so many end up dying from Mother Nature's wrath, when they do not have to. Since they just refuse to prepare to protect themselves, their assets and their futures. And yet these are the same people who you will see on Television right after a disaster, asking the question: Why Me, Why God?. 

But today I want to change all that for you, because as I my reader I would not want you to stick your head in the sands, and hope all will be alright when an F5 Tornado is bearing down on you. So I will share with you 3 things that are Must-Do when a disaster is on it's way. Which is always around the corner. 
3 Ways To Prepare For A Disaster
First Thing that you must do in preparing for a disaster: Develop Flexible Plan

And I know that you have heard this a thousand times from all the disaster experts, and you are probably rolling your eyes. But ask yourself: Why is everyone saying and repeating the same thing?. Because in any area of life, no matter what you are facing, if you were expecting it to happen, then you will not be scared or freeze up. And why do you think people get robbed and panic?. Because they did not see it coming, they did not expect it, and they definitely did not plan for it. And the robber is an expert in this, since he knows that whoever surprises the other has the upper hand. Because if someone surprises you in your home, or a disaster just comes without any warning, then you will be lost. And so this is why they all keep telling you to develop a plan.

So in your case, your job in life and in general, is to always imagine the " What IF, Right Now?. Meaning what would you do right now if this or that were to happen?. You should have at least 3 answers of what you can try to do. But if you have nothing in your head, then you will be one of those people who freeze up and become a very badly hurt victim of a robber / disaster. Notice I used together the words " Robber & Disaster ". Because a disaster, if you fail to prepare for it, will rob you one hundred times more than a Human Robber will ever do. And this is why you must say to yourself: If my house was destroyed right now, where could I go as a second place to sleep?. Or what if my car was totally destroyed right now, then what other form of transportation could I use?. So you see dear friend, you must plan for things like that. Because you are no better than anyone else, for today is their day. But tomorrow will be yours.

Second way for a disaster to never rob you of life is: Prepare Survival Packs.

Survival packs can come in 3 day packs, or 30 days or 6 months, or even a year. It all depends on you, your family and the other people you plan to help. Because survival packs can be as small as a back pack you place on your shoulders, or as big as an entire basement full of stuff that are well divided and apportioned. So start to put together a survival pack of foods, medicine, water, change of clothes and hygiene items. And again, up to you what you planned for in your head above, because that will determine what you have and how much... 
3 Ways To Prepare For A Disaster

Preparing For A Disaster... 3 Ways With Little Resources. And the last one for such event is: Mindset.
In a disaster you do not know what exactly is going to happen to you. Meaning, you may make plan to run somewhere, or keep your stash at another place. And then the disaster decides it is going to attack you where you are now, and then continue to the other place where you have prepared to survive. And it would seem as tough that even the very gods are against you, and have given direct orders to that tornado or tsunami to whoop you. And this is where the " Survival Mindset " comes into play. Because if you have it in your head, that you are not entitled to anything in life, or any more than your fellow human beings. Then that view alone will put you way ahead of the Survival Game. And then will come the Mantra: I Will Survive... I Have To Survive... No Matter What. And that is the greatest planning that you could ever have, or the greatest survival pack that you could ever have. Because armed with this mindset, then you are the most dangerous person on the Planet, or the greatest Hero who ever lived within your surroundings.

So Surviving and preparing for a disaster require little resources, if you have the "I Must Survive Mindset". Since God Has already provided everything you will ever need, just like McGyver... The 80's Show where the guy could be dropped in the desert with just a toothbrush, and within a few hours he is living like a king. And this will be you if you plan in your mind at all times, for the WHAT Ifs.. 
3 Ways To Prepare For A Disaster

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